I think the senators, at least most including myself, if not all, agree that the Commission on Human Rights is an indispensable agency of the state. CHR is a necessity and the Constitution mandates it. It functions as a guardian against abuse of those in authority.

In the Senate, we will not make the CHR useless by denying it the money it needs in order to discharge its duty of protecting, preserving, and promoting human rights.

Since its budget will still be discussed in the Senate, I am positive that we can work out something in order to provide the CHR with sufficient budget for its operation next year.

The CHR is in the thick of things and very relevant nowadays and probably even next year and the years to follow because of what’s happening.

Because of this, the Commission needs all the support that it can get from equally important agencies and instrumentalities of the government like the legislature, which is mandated to appropriate funds for government’s annual expenditures.