Senator JV Ejercito is pursuing a senate investigation on the 98 container vans seized at the Manila International Container Port (MICP)  containing waste plastic materials imported from Canada which arrived June 2013-January 2014.

“Our Constitution guarantees that the government will protect and promote the people’s right to a healthy environment. Canada and the Philippines both signed the Basel Convention which  requires informed consent before any export or import giving each party the right to ban any hazardous or other wastes,” Senator Ejercito explains.

Ejercito filed Senate Resolution 1440 seeking immediate investigation in aid of legislation, to prevent the incident from happening again. He adds that the government should give utmost consideration to this issue in order to protect our country from being a dumpsite of hazardous waste.

“What’s more disappointing is despite clear violation of international and domestic laws of the Philippines, the toxic and hazardous waste is still rotting in the Philippine soil and continues to endanger lives,” Ejercito said.   ###