Mr. President, distinguished colleagues, good afternoon. Today, as we resume our session, I am grateful that first on our list is the approval on third and final reading of Senate Bill No. 1850 or the National Integrated Cancer Control Act. As I have mentioned before, Cancer is the third leading cause of adult death and fourth in child mortality in our country. There are approximately 110,000 new cancer cases and over 66,000 cancer deaths each year. Alarmingly, those diagnosed with the disease that came from the poor sector of the society have high mortality rate. It is expected that this is attributable mainly to the weak health systems, limited access to quality cancer care and partly to the late diagnoses of common cancers. Mr. President, As sponsor and one of the authors, this representation considers this bill as an imperative measure to address the gap in the government’s cancer program. The approval of this bill by this chamber will give hope to every Filipino who suffered long enough battling cancer on their own. Today, we give them something to look forward to. Mr. President, The passage of this bill would not have been possible without the support of various organizations and stakeholders. May I therefore take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the Cancer Coalition, the Philippine Cancer Society, Child Haus Manila, Carewell Community, other Civil Service Organizations and all the cancer patients and their families who showed their support and participated in our proceedings. Thank you to every stakeholder who made this possible, and to this august body, for approving the present bill.