UNITED Nationalist Alliance candidate Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada welcomed the support of his colleague and  Liberal Party member Rep. Jorge ‘Bolet’ Banal despite LP’s strict policy of exclusively supporting its Team PNoy bets.

The San Juan lawmaker made this statement after Rep. Banal of Quezon City’s 3rd district told reporters last January 7 that he will support LP’s 11 candidates but will reserve one vote for Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada, who is running under UNA of  Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Ejercito Estrada said, “It was an unexpected move, but I am utterly grateful that Rep. Banal boldly crossed party lines and openly admitted his support for my senatorial bid as one of his colleagues and friend.”

He also lauded Rep. Banal’s maverick move since it showed his becoming of a statesman.

“Congressman Banal demonstrated his willingness and open-mindedness to work with different coalitions for the good of the public, and not only serve the ambitions of an exclusive party,” he expressed.

Ejercito Estrada however hopes that Rep. Banal would not be sanctioned for his outright support for an UNA candidate.

“I hope the leaders of Liberal Party would consider Rep. Banal’s move as a matter of personal preference,” the young lawmaker said. “Just as the case of Vice President Binay and President Aquino, they may be heading different coalitions but their support for each other as tightly-knit family friends enable them to separate politics from their personal preferences.”



Press Release

February 9, 2013