SAN Juan Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada called on the government to allocate more funds for the rehabilitation of areas in Mindanao that were ravaged by typhoon Pablo.

Ejercito Estrada noted that the P10.52 billion set aside by the government for the rehabilitation of affected areas in Mindanao may not be enough considering that the typhoon damaged P36-billion worth of crops and public and private infrastructure.

“Given the magnitude of the damage caused by typhoon Pablo, Mindanao needs more funds. I also hope the government will immediately release the money so that typhoon victims may start rebuilding their lives,” the young lawmaker said.

He also urged the government to include the roll out of economic and livelihood programs in its rehabilitation efforts to assist close to one million people who are still dependent on state food assistance and are living in make-shift homes.

Mindanao is not usually visited by storms but climate change has made the region vulnerable to strong typhoons in recent years.

Ejercito Estrada asked the government to consider measures that will “climate-proof” the region and allow Mindanaoans to better cope with the ill effects of climate change.



Press Release

February 6, 2013