MANILA, Aug. 27 — Senator Joseph Victor ‘JV’ Ejercito was among the few senators who showed support for the Million People March at the Luneta on Monday, expressing his desire to hear them out.

Ejercito said, on his official Twitter account that aside from hearing the voice of the people, he also expected politicians to choose not to get involved with the rally as it were for non-politicians only.

“I hope that politicians stay away from the million march protest activity today,” Ejercito said. “Better to see and hear ordinary citizens and their voices.”

Meanwhile, Senator Sonny Angara , on the other hand, thought of chiming in a quote by former US president, John F. Kennedy, also via Twitter.

“Democracy is never a final achievement. It is a call to an untiring effort – JFK,” Angara tweeted.

Angara earlier suggested that with the abolition of priority development assistance funds (PDAFs) more commonly known as ‘pork barrel’, it would be advisable to use them for education, scholarships, classrooms and books.

On the other hand, Gregorio ‘Gringo’ Honasan II said in a past tweet that although abolishing the PDAF was a start, it was not a final solution.

“[There is a] need [for the] congress to take back power of purse and legislating the mechanism release f funds,” Honasan said, via Twitter.

“[The] most important is the passage of the FOI (freedom of information) bill. It will give the government back to the people. No informed citizenry means, no democracy,” he added.

Honasan said that the abolition of PDAFs will deprive politically obscure districts of funds in favor of urban areas. The only solution, he said, is not abolition but better controls. (PNA)