I would like to manifest my support to Proposed Senate Resolution No. 457 entitled “Resolution creating a Special Committee on Marawi City Rehabilitation” introduced by our Senate President.

I agree with the rationale presented by our Senate President in his proposal to create a Special Committee on Marawi City Rehabilitation. In fact, Mr. President, for the same reason, I filed Senate Resolution No. 428, entitled, RESOLUTION CREATING A SENATE AD HOC COMMITTEE ON THE MARAWI RECONSTRUCTION AND REHABILITATION PROGRAM as early as July 18, 2017. I recognize the magnitude of the devastation as a result of the crisis, thus, it is but right that an Ad Hoc or a Special Committee be created in order to oversee and exercise jurisdiction over all matters directly and principally relating to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Marawi City and other affected areas.

After more than two months when the Marawi Siege started, challenges surrounding displaced families and rehabilitation of the city has escalated. There are problems concerning resettlement sites, food and sustenance, health, livelihood and infrastructure, among others, that we need to resolved immediately. As such, it should be our priority to rebuild the ravaged city and bring back normalcy to the lives of the affected Filipinos.

I believe this a challenge for us to look beyond the devastation, and look into the proper and efficient way of rebuilding strife-torn cities such as Marawi.

Let us not repeat the shortcomings the government has committed during the implementation of the Yolanda Rehabilitation and Recovery Programs. More importantly, let us address the problems the affected areas are facing right now before it is too late and all our efforts become worthless. The people of Marawi has suffered long enough. Many have died and it is our duty to make sure that those who have survived be given a new chance at life.

Thank you Mr. President.