UNITED Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate San Juan City Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada called on the Filipino people to set aside political differences and give President Benigno Aquino III the chance to peacefully resolve the Sabah crisis.

Ejercito Estrada made the appeal amid conflicting opinions on the matter, with some sectors criticizing the way Malacañang is handling the situation.

The San Juan solon said the nation must be united during these trying times even as he urged various sectors not to inject politics into this crisis. He emphasized that the safety of our Filipino brothers and sisters is paramount.

“I would want the President and his men to be given enough space to resolve the crisis peacefully and exhaust all means diplomatically,” he said.

The young lawmaker also urged Malacañang to ensure the safety of the estimated 800,000 overseas Filipinos workers in Malaysia in the wake of attacks launched by the Malaysian government against the 200 followers of the Sulu Sultan.

“I would like to remind them to also take into consideration the welfare and lives of our Filipino Muslim brothers,” Ejercito Estrada added.



Press Release

March 6, 2013