Senator JV Ejercito today expressed support to the Philippine National Police Modernization Program, by urging the government to provide the PNP with their own procurement unit that would meet their equipment demands, and air assets for increased interoperability.

“A separate PNP procurement service should solve the problem of our police not getting the equipment support they need. Ang nangyayari kasi ngayon, tinatanggap na lang nila kung ano ang isusubo sa kanila kahit na “brand-used” na ang procured equipment,” Ejercito underscored today at the public hearing on PNP Modernization by the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs.

Regarding PNP’s lack of air assets, Ejercito cited as example Pope’s visit when PNP had to borrow helicopters from the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He also took notice of the helicopters procured under the previous administration, where two of the three units were discovered to be second-hand.

“How can we imagine our PNP not having an eye in the sky? PNP’s need for helicopters is not a luxury, but a necessity, to expand their interoperability and capacity to respond, especially when there are disasters,” Ejercito explained.

Senator Ejercito vouched support for the PNP Modernization and urged newly installed PNP Chief of Police Ricardo Marquez to present the PNP’s wishlist of PNP equipment before the committee. ###