MANILA, Philippines –Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito openly expressed on Thursday his disappointments to President  Benigno Aquino III, whom he  described as someone, who is “sensitive” to criticisms.

Ejercito wondered why despite their support for the President,  the administration and its allies seemed to have been out to get him and his family, and  the rest of the  opposition  group.

“Masama lang ang loob ko na parang kahit anong gawin naming  tulong at  suporta parang balewala,” he told reporters after  guesting  in a weekly  forum  at the Senate.

During the forum, the senator pointed out how he and his family  remained  “supportive” and “cooperative” to the  Aquino administration even after his father, former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, ran and lost to Aquino during the 2010 elections.

“Every time there is a crisis that his administration would be facing, former President Erap is one of those who would defend President Aquino right away. And during my stay in the House of Representatives, I could clearly remember that every time there is a crisis tulad ng hostage crisis dito sa Manila among others, I would speak and defend President Aquino ahead of his party mates in the  Liberal Party,”  Ejercito said.

“Kaya lang kahit anong gawin namin parang balewala but I hope that they would know we are good allies…,” he said.

And while he commended the President for his thrusts on good governance and improving the country’s credit rating, Ejercito questioned why the  Philippines  has still been lagging behind other Asian nations in terms of foreign direct investments.

“I think we have to do an honest to goodness review of policies and analyze how come we are lagging behind. Probably, all I can say is we have big problems like infrastructure, we are lacking,” he said.

“Hindi naman pwedeng panay honesty and good governance lang. Kailangan meron ding performance,” the senator added.

Ejercito also noted a problem in governance.

“I hope that the President would take this positively. Si President Aquino kasi sensitive.  Kapag may pinuna ka, galit kaagad, di ba? So I just hope he could take this constructively. He has to years left,” he said.

“I want to be a statesman as much as possible hindi lang dahil ako’y opposition. I hope kung meron mang puna, he  (Aquino)  would take it constructively. Bawal ang pikon,” the senator added.