Relative weakness in these areas within British and IB schools is to be expected Combine this with what is undoubtedly a school that is driven in its DNA to meet the many different needs, ambitions, potential and aspirations of children and you have something very special. Glassdoor. WSO has over 4000 students from FS1 to Y12; although WSO is large, it is effectively broken down into much smaller sections. FS2: 45,380 Thank you. The Inclusion Room was large – and lovely, with small areas set up for when support in the classroom (the preferred option as every attempt is made to not separate children from their peers) is not appropriate. European expats? GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Almost every inch of wall space throughout the corridors and the classrooms is covered – an approach very different to more “serious” schools which we have found to be less child-centric. NA - GWC offers a choice between the International Baccalaureate Diploma or International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme from age 16. In many ways what is taking place at GEMS Wellington Academy is exactly what you would expect to take place at the best type of traditional English Primary. Will they be able to shine? 14K likes. Progressive Decision will Improve Child Welfare and Academic Performance. Being a trainee teacher at the GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis (WSO) have exposed me to a whole different workplace environment. About Us; Awards; It’s a stark choice for many parents: the perceived disadvantages of a large school (will my son or daughter get lost in the crowd? I was very supported in my role as an ELL teacher. GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis the fundamental aim is to ensure that no child is pushed into studying courses that simply do not fit with their skills, ambition, aspirations or potential simply because that is all that is on offer. These culminate in one of the richest IBDP and IBCP offers in the region. Updated February 2019 – GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis KHDA 2019 and verdict 2019. As one of Dubai’s most prestigious new developments, the campus offers a bright, modern, well-resourced environment for our diverse group of students. It is an approach that is integral to the school’s Early Years Learning and we really liked the way the children were allowed to cook popcorn on an open fire pit having discussed the merits of fuel types and the materials suitable to use over flame. GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis is classified by the KHDA, Dubai’s Inspectorate of Schools, as a “Very Good” school with “Outstanding elements”, its second highest rating under the relatively new six point scale that defines schools from being “Very weak”, “Weak”, “Acceptable”, “Good”, “Very Good” and “Outstanding.”. Ask a question about working or interviewing at GEMS Wellington Academy. Part Five. GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis opened in September 2011. WSO’s performing arts provision allows our students to create and express themselves in a nurturing environment. • Inspirational and driven new Principal and CEO • Attainment in Mathematics at post-16 phase is a rare weakness but one being addressed. I had a fantastic Head teacher that I worked with. Abu Dhabi Set to Postpone In-School Start; Quarantine Rules for Students, Tea... UAE to Delay Age Children Start School by One Year. And our size, unlike smaller schools, allows us to be truly flexible to accommodate the needs of all our students – children all learn differently and GEMS Wellington has the scale and ambition for children to offer a variety of pathways to ensure we maximise the outcomes and success of all those under our care. The school’s now established digital “blended” IB Diploma (IBDP) is run in association with Pamoja Education a leader in the field. Time will tell…. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. At GEMS Wellington Academy Arabic is not treated as a third cousin to what is really important and holds a rightful place as a centrally important pat of each child’s whole education. UAE to Delay Age Children Start School by One Year. Sports? effective workplace under amazing atmosphere ( staff and management). There are Arabic rooms on each level of the school. “Children and young people are the reason we come together as a learning community and will always be the key focus for any decision I make as the Principal/CEO of GEMS Wellington Academy. Children’s artwork, however, was clearly on display and it is clear that celebrating each child’s work is a fundamental part of the school’s value system and approach. GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis is a distinctive and special place where children feel valued and imagination is very much alive. Jon Westley is the Editor of and UK. Details; Links; Address: PO BOX 49746, Silicon Oasis, Dubai. YEAR 6: 45,380 Reviews: (1 review) Other Schools in Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman Sharjah American International School American ... How would you rate GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis? “GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis stands out in so many ways – but, bottom line, it is our deeply embedded culture of innovation that sets our school apart for me – our experienced teachers are fundamentally and genuinely committed to using the most advanced teaching methods to intellectually inspire, and excite our students. Children have between 30 minutes and two hours of Dance, Drama and Music on a 6-week rotation. YEAR 1: 45,380 What is the accommodation like that is provided at GEMS Wellington Academy? Just wondering if anyone else is? As above, GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis offers iGCSE and GCSE until 16, at which point children progress to a plethora of alternative options centred around both variants of the International Baccalaureate. The ambition of GEMS Wellington Academy’s then new Principal, Michael Hall, to deliver to the broadest needs of children, was clear in our November 2017 visit and this commitment lies close to the heart of new school Principal Kevin Loft, who took over the leadership reigns in August 2018. Shared. GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis is a distinctive and special place where children feel valued and imagination is very much alive. About the School Opened in 2011, GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis (WSO) is a Premium British School located in a prestigious area of Dubai. This is particularly apparent with the two school areas for Primary and Secondary, which now straddle the road – the Secondary building being the newer addition. 14K likes. But we feel this may be an opportunity missed. During our visit we experienced an ongoing discussion with the teacher based around the safest place for the children to place themselves whilst the teacher lit the fire. Obligatory CCTV cameras were present, and important for security, but less obtrusive than in other schools with none of the sense of Big Brother watching. It's also worth noting that fees for GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis offer very high value and ROI in this premium plus segment against a backdrop of the newest Tier 1 schools which are pushing 16+ fees over the DHS 100,000 mark. Wave 2 children, for example, may have EAL requirements and are mostly supported within the classrooms. School Leaders Reveal All. • As a young, rapidly growing school, prospective parents, in our view, should not be concerned that Wellington has yet to secure an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the KHDA. • Blended, on-line learning is not for all children and requires self-discipline (but it lowers the costs of entry for the outstanding breadth of subject provision) Wellington students are driven and committed to their education and their behaviour is exemplary. GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis bottom line? YEAR 4: 45,380 BTEC (Media, Business and ICT), 30.5 points (2018) You Decide. Find, research, and compare the best international schools. • The Academy has highly innovative leadership from its Principal and senior leadership team WSO has over 4000 students from FS1 to Y12; although WSO is large, it is effectively broken down into much smaller sections. 9% of students have been identified as having some form of Special Educational Needs (SEN) requirement. The verdict 2019. Best Schools In the UAE. Top Schools Awards 2019 – The Top Schools in the UAE, KHDA Issues Rules: New Official Dates for Dubai School Holidays, Dubai Schools Succumbing to Covid-19; Physical Closures, Distance Learning Set to Continue in Abu Dhabi. The Winchester School – Jebel Ali, The Gardens, Jebel Ali Village ̵... Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba, Nad Al Sheba 3 – THE REVIEW. Students in Key Stage 4 follow GCSE, IGCSE and BTEC examination ‘pathways’ and students in the Sixth Form prepare for a choice, as above, between the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) and the International Baccalaureate (outstanding) Career-related Programme. Deliberately, children have an hour set aside each week for free-play, this based on the ‘Forest Schools’ learning outside concept. Drama teaching has access to very good facilities including a large Black Box room. Impressive. WIS has served as the model for several other schools bearing the Wellington name, including GEMS Wellington Academy Dubai Silicon Oasis which mirrors the UK curriculum/post-16 IB framework and GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail, which will offer A Levels from September 2019. Part Six. Here the children can rotate allowing swift and effective interaction with their peers and the teacher during videos and screen-based teaching. YEAR 9: 73,080 • The quality of provision for students with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) is outstanding in most subjects and feeds seamlessly into a curriculum designed to meet the different needs of individual children

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