Our version of a plug-in air freshener, with a touch of glam and a lot of room-filling fragrance. For anyone who reacts to fragrances, there are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself, she says. This plug-in product works 24/7, so you don’t have to add another thing to your to-do list. I am not sure why Glade Plug-ins are the top selling products in the scented oil category, because the Airwick ones are better in every way! I think the fragrance is too strong (I’m getting a headache). Febreze is one of the most popular air fresheners produced by the famous American company Procter & Gamble. Be in the know - enjoy exclusive offers, promotions, discounts, and product announcements. Plug-in air freshener refills are limiting. The short answer is "yes." In this example, it's on the second weakest. I am unhappy with all of them. And unless you want to throw it away and buy a new one, you have to clean it to keep the plug in working right. If you have ever sprayed an air freshener and then felt a bit choked in its mist, you most likely have questioned how healthy the spray is. In exactly three steps, you’ll be swept off your feet into a fragrant wonderland. Spray air fresheners, which are still the most popular freshener type, are aerosols. What is Aiwick’s phone #? LMAO, seriously kids I thought there was something wrong with me until I read all your comments, I have a measured IQ of 137 and was lost on the subjects discussed here ( which was why I went on online to try to get answers). It’s also very messy opening the bottles. Use sharp scissors as the wick will fray and you don’t want that. I am not sure why Glade Plug-ins are the top selling products in the scented oil category, because the Airwick ones are better in every way! I have a higher measured IQ than the commenter above and I agree with all of you: The stuff works for a few days and then, with half a bottle left, there is zero scent unless you stick the thing right under your nose and inhale! According to the manufacturer, this product works in a unique way by trapping or shutting in molecules of odor is a chemical that comes in the shape of a donut. by Sheena White Reviewers love that the set comes with six refills that last as long as many as 270 days of continuous fragrance. My plug sockets are all at a height of my son, who recently managed to just pull once and it came away. I hate this new deal. Plug in not working. So this is false “advertising”. The following negative effects of a plug-in air freshener will give you a fair idea about the point that I am trying to make. Very disappointed, Shall not buy this product again and recommend to all my friends that they do not waste their money on it. Here are seven reasons why we think you should switch to more natural methods like opening a window, burning a safe candle, using baking soda and vinegar to absorb and remove odors, or using an essential oil diffuser. Does a natural peppermint air freshener work as an insect and rodent repellent? I love to share my personal experiences and what "works for me", however, I cannot guarantee that those same projects, recipes, tips etc... will also work for you. I can guarantee I will not purchase anymore of your products again. No one could smell it..NO ONE! On the new Air Wick with a gray dial top you can only select one hold at a time.There are 5 tear drop shaped holes from small to large The large holed allow more fragrance to pass through to oil warmer by exposing more of the heating element i.e. It looked like the plug-ins got too hot and started to burn the finish of the under cabinet. Signs Your Air Freshener Is Toxic to Your Pets. All reviews and opinions on this site are mine and mine alone. It’s confusing because that teardrop is white and looks “blocked” and one would think that the other teardrops are “open” and that more fragrance is coming from the “open” ones. Thanks to all for your great input. They became popular as manufacturers created a wide variety of fragrances. The long and short of it is that I will follow the engineers advice and clip the wick, failing that I will give up on the product because if it doesn’t last the advertised number of days it is just a waste of my very hard earned money. Here’s what happened with her Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug-in air freshener … Febreze Plug in Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator, Scented Oil Refill, Gain Original By febreze 9.6 View Product 9.6 All Stores Compare Prices X $12.94 shop $17.46 shop 2:

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