inclusive synonyms, inclusive pronunciation, inclusive translation, English dictionary definition of inclusive. For many newlyweds, an all inclusive honeymoon vacation is the perfect way to plan their romantic vacation. Finally, we have the family Rhinocerotidae, which includes the existing representatives of the group. This is comprehensive guide on being inclusive. , Our club membership is inclusive and open to both men and women. The statutory ages differ in the various states; in New South Wales and Western Australia it is from 6 to 13 years inclusive, in Victoria 6 to 12 years, in Queensland 6 to II years, and in South Australia 7 to 12 years inclusive. , When we book a vacation, we always look for family-inclusive resorts that have activities for persons of all ages. The garrison consists of between 3000 and 4000 men, inclusive of a disciplinary corps of military convicts. Shindig all-inclusive pass costs just $10 Adult/$7 Child (under 4 is free, no ticket needed).. Now suppose that the formula (2) has been established for every power of A+a up to the (n-i)th inclusive, so that (ii_ I) = (n- I) (r), (y I) = (n -1) (r _ l). The President said that the quality of education has a direct co-relation with inclusive growth and development. Our office is open from Monday to Friday inclusive. A diverse and inclusive workforce represents an enormous opportunity to improve decisions and thus business performance. Rarely is this the case, however, and every cruise line that offers all inclusive packages has a different definition of what that actually means. sentence examples. Change the sentence. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart isn’t enough. The authors propose a participatory methodology for developing more inclusive understandings of citizenship, identity and rights, based on Boal's forum theater. The heat of summer (December-March, which is the rainy season) is tempered by cool breezes; winter (MaySeptember, inclusive) is dry, cold and bracing, and frost prevails for prolonged periods. The Following Table, Taken From Woolhouse'S Measures, Weights And Moneys Of All Nations, Shows The Dates Of Commencement Of Mahommedan Years From 1845 Up To 2047, Or From The 43Rd To The 49Th Cycle Inclusive, Which Form The Whole Of The Seventh Period Of Seven Cycles. The Goal: 100% inclusive Decision-Making. In conformity with the customs and commercial compact between the two states, renewed in 1899, the monarchy constitutes one identical customs and commercial territory, inclusive of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the principality of Liechtenstein. The mean temperature for January, the coldest month, is only 17° F.; for the three winter months it is 19° F., and for the five months from November to March inclusive it is 24.3° F. BIBLIOGRAPHYA detailed bibliography for North American geology from 1732 to 1891, inclusive, is given in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 527 (1896); for I8921900 in Bulletin z88 (1902); for1901-1905in Bull. Length = 41 words (Short and sweet!) From 1901 to 1904 inclusive, the average annual catch amounted to 195,335,646 lb, and its average value was $5,557,083. The average annual product of India for the period 1886 to 1899 inclusive was £698,208, and its present annual product averages about 550,000 oz., or about £2,200,000, obtained almost wholly from the free-milling quartz veins of the Colar goldfields in Mysore, southern India. Inclusive definition is - broad in orientation or scope. The rent for the flat is ú300 inclusive of telephone, heat and electricity. In addition, you can find Christian and a few inclusive support groups listed under your state's specific page. After some discussion the khedive agreed, and made him governor-general of the Sudan, inclusive of Darfur and the equatorial provinces. In all the Neornithes the total number of caudal vertebrae, inclusive of those which coalesce, is reduced to at least 13. Cruise 'N Stay™ Vacation Resort Packages: These inclusive packages feature accommodations at Bahamas resorts in addition to your cruise fees. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] All-inclusive is used to indicate that a price, especially the price of a holiday, includes all the charges and all the services offered. quoted in pounds sterling and are inclusive of UK VAT. The activities that are included in many all inclusive family vacation packages seem unlimited. See more. But Zarlino uncompromisingly declared that the syntonous or intense diatonic scale was the only form that could reasonably be sung; and in proof of its perfection he exhibited the exact arrangement of its various diatonic intervals, to the fifth inclusive, in every part of the diapason or octave. Snorri (1179-1241) wrote the Lives of the Kings (Heimskringla), from Olaf Tryggvason to Sigurd the Crusader inclusive; and we have them substantially as they came from his hand in the Great King Olaf's Saga; St Olaf's Saga, as in Heimskringla and the Stockholm MS.; and the succeeding Kings' Lives, as in Hulda and Hrokkinskinna, in which, however, a few episodes have been inserted.

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