I was in the province of Abra today to join the celebration of their 101st Founding Anniversary highlighted by the annual festival dubbed as “Abrenian Kawayan Festival” with this year’s theme Kulturang Abreňo: Buhay, Matibay, Makulay.

I shared with the people of Abra the various measures we are pushing in the Senate, which include the creation of affordable government housing for everyone, the anti-agriculture smuggling act, the free education and youth welfare and the accessible Universal Healthcare program. Such measures will surely uplift the living standards of the Filipinos especially those in the rural areas.

Its a challenge to go to a province like Abra and considering its distance and there are no airports nearby. Its very rare that national officials get to visit the province. I could feel the joy of the people of Abra just by being there yesterday. It was a very warm afternoon but the reception of the peolple was even warmer! This I will never forget! Mabuhay Abreños!

Thank you very much my good friend and former colleague at the aHouse of Reps, Governor Joy Valera-Bernos, Vice Givernor Ronald Balao-as, the other officials of the province, Bishop Jaucian, and most especially the Abreňos for the warm welcome and accommodating hospitality.