REELECTIONIST Senator JV Ejercito, chairman of the Senate health committee, on Wednesday prodded the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) to ensure that hospitals have steady and sufficient water supply amid forced rationing in many parts of Metro Manila because of limited and diminishing supply.



In a statement, Ejercito called on the BFP to give extra attention to hospitals for water rations, while attending to the needs of residents in communities now experiencing water shortage. 



“Hospitals and medical facilities can’t afford to run out of water because the lives of the patients would be put in extreme danger. That’s why I am calling on the BFP to ensure steady water supply in these facilities kasi kailangang-kailangan ang tubig para sa mga pasyente,” he said.



He said the BPF should closely coordinate with city and municipal governments to closely monitor the situation in hospitals.



“There should be fire trucks on standby for hospitals. I am also calling for a strong cooperation between the BFP and local government units and jointly implement measures that would ensure that hospitals and medical facilities located in areas affected by water shortage would have enough water supply,” Ejercito said. ######