Resolutions are legislative measures enacted by Congress for a specific purpose. These documents, although deliberated on and approved by lawmakers, do not have the force of law. Nevertheless, resolutions are vital to our existence as a democracy, as they seek to convey the very essence of the Senate and Congress as a whole.

  1. PSR 197: Inquiry, In Aid of Legislation Re Collision Involving MV St. Thomas Aquinas and MV Sulpicio [download]
  2. PSR 204: Investigation on Misuse of (PDAF) [download]
  3. PSR 273: Congratulating and Commending Megan Young [download]
  4. PSR 287: 2011 Disbursement Acceleration Program [download]
  5. PSR 293: Bonus Given to the Social Security System (SSS), Board of Directors and Employees [download]
  6. PSR 318: Special Oversighht Committee on Economic Affairs (Adopted) [download]
  7. PSR 336: Honoring the Memory of Retired Chief Justice Andres R. Narvasa [download]
  8. PSR 337: Rehabilitation Fund for the Immediate Relief and Rehabilitation of the Areas in Zamboanga Siege [download]
  9. PSR 338: Economic and Livelihood Assistance to Victims of Typhoon Santi Fund [download]
  10. PSR 350: Expressing Deep Sympathy for the Victims and Survivors of Devastating Super Typhoon Yolanda [download]
  11. PSR 351: State of National Calamity [download]
  12. PSR 357: Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) [download]
  13. PSR 370: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) [download]
  14. PSR 381: 6-Month Moratorium on Remittances of Contributions in Regions Affected by Yolanda [download]
  15. PSR 382: Congratulating and Commending Filipino Boxing Champion and Congressman Manny Pacquiao [download]
  16. PSR 416: Power Generation Costs [download]
  17. PSR 432: Don Mariano Transit Corp. (Road Accidents in Metro Manila) [download]
  18. PSR 433: Congratulating and Commending Bea Rose Santiago [download]
  19. PSR 443: Security and Health Contributions of the Social Security System (SSS) [download]