I teach all ranges of ability so there is no reason why a 10 handicap can’t use this driver if they want something to control their ball flight and perhaps want to pick up a bit of swing speed too. Year by year there is not a ton changes in performance and looks but comparing it to the 1991 Big Bertha makes for a crazy transformation! Does radial weighting deliver an improvement on the Speedzone? Two new TS models giving new meaning to 'Titleist Speed Project'. Built to combat the all too common slice, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver delivers straight distance. Looking down at the club gives you great confidence and it definitely doesn't feel like you're using a lesser product than the Mavrik, for example. I compared the B21 to the Callaway Mavrik Driver I reviewed earlier in the year, before heading out to Houldsworth Golf Club to test the driver on the course alongside the Mavrik to see whether it could really help you find more fairways. Through the set the offset does increase, but I don't think it is too drastic and most mid-handicappers should find the look of these irons to their taste. RELATED: Read our Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood review. It has a very generous head size and is almost more of a fairway wood than a hybrid. Producing a hybrid isn’t new for this brand. It was more appealing than I thought it was going to be, and I was impressed with the forgiveness too, but as someone who draws the ball and doesn't struggle to hit it high, then I don’t think this club is for me. 2019 Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Tech Shot Review The Big Bertha 2019 Hybrid by Callaway features Jailbreak technology as well as a Hyper Speed Face Cup. However, money aside, there will be higher handicappers for whom the larger heads, especially in the short irons, will provide a greater benefit. The speed comes from the now familiar 360° Face Cup, that wraps around the front of the head to increase ball speed on lower strikes. It incorporates many of Callaway’s latest technologies like the Flash Face, Jailbreak, and T2C Carbon Crown, while utilizing a ultra-low forward CG for high launch, low spin, and big distance. I tried them in the stock Recoil ESX steel shafts, but you can also get them in the lighter ZT9 graphite shafts, provided you can afford the extra £250/$100 upgrade. Launched in 1991, the all stainless steel club head ushered in the new age of metal woods. The iconic White Hot insert makes a comeback! Promising more distance, no matter how you swing it! In order to create that high launch, low spin flight that golfers crave, Callaway have moved the CG further forward and lower in the head in what they are calling a 'new formula for distance' that is said to produce straighter, more consistent results. The new Big Bertha B21 Driver is aimed at golfers who slice the ball and generate high spin due to an open club face, and hitting down on the ball. As a draw is my natural ball flight I was expecting that my testing would result in my shots finishing to the left of target due to the draw bias on this driver, and it did. To be honest, I was expecting this driver to look like a frying pan as looks are often sacrificed for performance at this end of the equipment market. Callaway say this club is aimed at beginners and higher handicaps, but I would also add golfers who play sporadically too. Speedframe equate to more ball speed? For me, the GBB is a pleasant surprise on the range. Below we will explain further what that means for you as a golfer and how it benefits your golf game. Distance is all a bit relative in sets of irons, but the Big Bertha was right up there with the other major distance irons in the market. It is surprisingly forgiving, attractive at address, and looks stealthy. This Callaway Big Bertha golf balls review talks about distance, swing speed and spin. Everyone wanted the Warbird and then later the Great Big Bertha, because the range really seemed to be pioneering new driver technology with every release. Sep 03, 2020. At address the Big Bertha irons have a reasonably large profile, but not as chunky as similar Callaway models have been in the past. Follow NCG on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest equipment and golf course reviews and exclusive interviews. They’re engineered for players who want fast ball speed, high launch, straight shots and a new level of confidence. On the 15th hole, which is a right-to-left dog leg, this club was fantastic as it really did help me to shape the ball around the corner and cut off some of the hole without having to worry about blocking it out right and leaving myself a much longer approach. Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review. Easy launch and long distance including Jailbreak in hybrids. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons Review – A Complete Guide “I am going back to playing golf after a long time,” “I have experienced, but it seems I have lost speed and distance in the golf,” “I think I am experiencing high handicap in golf, you may call me as a high handicapper from now,” “I am a new player.” By Sophie Walker. The Callaway Great Big Bertha is a driver that can be fitted to a wide variety of golfers. considering these were brought out in 2004 they are very good. The Face Cup uses a shallow, flexible rim around the edges in order to generate this extra speed. The Big Bertha Reva driver includes Callaway’s successful A.I. Together with the higher launch conditions they may provide a better option. Lots of golfers who use this driver will be unaware of what offset is and why better players dislike it, so I don't think it's as big of an issue as is often made out. If you are using the hybrid to replace an iron then just ensure that the gapping it correct as you transition into the hybrids, and use the adjustable hosel to get the correct loft. How wrong was I?! Callaway make some really iconic drivers, in fact the best looking driver ever, in my opinion was a Callaway (Octane Diablo Black). If you still struggle to get your irons airborne then there is also a new version of the Big Bertha Hybrid that you can blend into the set. They were the first drivers to have the much larger head size which we are now all used to, and they seemed to really be aimed at a performance-enhancing experience, with the size of the face and head adding confidence every time you stepped onto the tee. The only downside of the irons is the premium price, which in the super game improvement category could be an issue. It does have a draw bias, which some better players might shy away from, but in my case all I had to do is play around with the sliding weight a little bit to get my personal draw bias setup just the way I wanted it. Slower swing speed players may need to opt for the hybrid at 4, 5 and maybe 6, but the forgiveness from that large hybrid head makes it a good option. Model Reviewed: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion This is an outstanding set of clubs, both aesthetically and in performance. The Callaway Big Bertha 2019 Irons are one of their better looking super game improvement irons. It’s designed to deliver top forgiveness and distance and be the go-to for those looking for a quality super game-improvement iron. Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic The long-awaited G425 driver is HERE! In the words of Alex Lodge. Today I’ll be reviewing the 2019 Big Bertha iron by Callaway, the latest version of the award-winning Big Bertha line of irons.. The shaft is nice and lightweight so I felt that I could swing it quite quickly once I had warmed up, and for golfers with slower swing speeds this could be a great way to gain a few extra yards easily. If you're somebody who isn't confident with the driver because you just don't have a clue where it's going to go, this could really help you out. Updated Epic fairways mark 'a new era of speed'. Callaway Big Bertha Golf Balls. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch via Twitter or Instagram. It's a premium finish and this is reflected in the feel too, as it felt extremely stable through the hitting zone and also sounded good considering the bigger shape. Key technology Faster ball speed … Can marginal gains provide the ultimate game improvement package? This is a great looking club and colour-wise, the blue, red and grey combination is classy and much better than the black and orange of the Mavrik. Personally, I am not mad on the dark finish, but otherwise the look, shape, size of the head and the top line are easy on the eye. During construction the weight is placed in the bottom of the cavity and then the urethane microsphere material is injected in liquid form and left to harden around the tungsten to hold it in place. Plus if you know that it's going to help you, it shouldn't bother you! When I was a kid, the Callaway Big Bertha was THE driver to have. Although I don't think it was ever intended to be! Introduction. Jailbreak Technology. From the legendary Big Bertha shaping to the NEW formula for distance and forgiveness, find out why the new B21 line might be the right clubs for you. It is similar to the Callaway Rogue X hybrid and comes with Jailbreak and a Face Cup for speed. With Flash Face, artificial intelligence generates a series of ridges with varying thickness on the back of the club face to fine-tune performance at every impact point. Colour scheme is much better than the Mavrik, Perfect for players looking to reduce slice spin, Price tag may put some golfers off, particularly in this category. The Big Bertha name is synonymous with innovation and maximum distance and for 2019 Callaway continue this tradition with the latest irons and hybrids that replace the Big Bertha OS models. The Big Bertha B21 is the latest member of the Big Bertha driver family. the wedges have a very good feel to them as well i like the angle that callaway have put them. The large head is also shaped in a way so as to inspire confidence as well as adding internal draw bias weighting for a straighter, longer ball flight. 90% of the people I teach struggle with the slice or push shot, so I can see why these draw biased clubs are so popular. Callaway Big Bertha Reva golf clubs are the first women’s Big Bertha clubs to feature Callaway’s patented Flash Face architecture. RELATED: Callaway Big Bertha B21 hybrid review. Reva Fairway Wood. I also tried to hit the ball in various position on the faces to test the forgiveness and overall the B21 performed better than the Mavrik when being hit out of the toe, heel and bottom of the club, as you can see here... Knowing you can stand on the tee and hit this club pretty much as hard as you like with only one miss is a positive for me, as the right side of the course just wasn’t in play which allows you to plan for your bad shot. Low spin and excellent forgiveness with distinctive looks. This makes the Big Bertha irons attractive to mid handicappers too, as they provide the right combination of flight, ball speed and launch. Golfers who generate lots of power and who have repeatable swings want irons that let them carve up a golf course. It’s not often I’d mention a headcover when talking about looks of a club but this was definitely a stand out accessory. Big Bertha is one of the great names in golf equipment. The key technologies in the Big Bertha B-21 iron and hybrids sare: SS21 club faces created using AI (Artificial Intelligence), VTEC (Visible Tungsten Energy Core) and vibration dampening urethane microspheres. Speedframe equate to more ball speed? This club is great, but at £449 I think that is a lot of money for the market Callaway suggest it is aimed at. Does a new Jailbreak A.I. When I was a kid, the Callaway Big Bertha was THE driver to have. I’m talking about the model they have mesmerized the world with back in 2014. The Callaway Big Bertha B21 fairway wood is a brilliant option for most club and handicap golfers, especially if you struggle with a miss to the right or to get the ball up in the air. The Verdict: Callaway's belief that higher-handicappers need the most help with the low and middle irons is evident here. If you don’t fit either of those categories, enjoy the read – this hybrid may be your ticket to better scores . Model Reviewed: big bertha 2004 I have these irons and they are very nice to use they have a very good feel to them, especially when you have a good shot which happens to me all the time. Overall on the course and at the range, the Big Bertha B21 performed well and the ball flight and numbers produced were pretty consistent and expected throughout, so Callaway seem to be living up to their claims. The iconic White Hot insert makes a comeback! The Big Bertha name is synonymous with innovation and maximum distance and for 2019 Callaway continue this tradition with the latest irons and hybrids that replace the Big Bertha OS models. However the lighter graphite clubs should help slower swing speed players to increase club head speed and get the most out of the design of the Big Bertha irons. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review. The soles are quite generous and that gives you a little extra margin for error, as the wider sole will provide a decent level of bounce across a wider area. Basically, when it comes down to distance there's nothing in it. The Fusion irons have a much cleaner top-line than any previous versions of Big Berthas, and this is what I prefer as it gives me more confidence at address. I was impressed to see that the performance was very similar to the Mavrik, and I actually thought that it was a little more forgiving too. Updated Epic fairways mark 'a new era of speed', 2014 Big Bertha iron and if you look back at that review. So if that's you and you can afford them, then the Callaway Big Bertha irons are still a worthwhile investment. Introducing Big Bertha B21 Irons The First Big Bertha Iron Designed With A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21, Super Strength Titanium. Jailbreak Technology, which has been around for a few years now, consists of two internal, vertical bars which connect the sole and the crown to provide extra reinforcement and improve ball speeds. The Big Bertha B-21 has been designed with those of you who really struggle off the tee in mind. The Callaway Big Bertha REVA driver retails for $499.99. The Driver is price at £449, which is pretty high for a 'game-improvement' club aimed at higher handicappers, but the B21 Driver is packed with many of the same technologies as the fantastic Mavrik Driver which perhaps goes some way to explaining it. Sophie tests the LST model... New forged aluminium ring adds stability to improved SIM drivers. You can have a set of Callaway Rogue X irons for £300/$200 less and the forgiveness will be just as good, with a Face Cup and urethane microspheres too. Extended Apex range now has an iron for every golfer! Callaway Golf is enjoying a resurgent 2005 after a couple off-years. Callaway Big Bertha Iron Review. It has produced it before and done a great job with it. If you really struggle with an 'over the top' move and hit a big slice then this isn't going to help you instantly start hitting big swooping draws, but it should certainly help calm that sideways spin down. In order to correct this, Callaway has introduced technology which helps to encourage more of a draw shape whilst also lowering spin for longer, straighter shots. Well obviously it is there, but the shape of the head and face, as well as the colour scheme, actually help to hide this pretty effectively. You can now get a Mavrik Max Driver, which is also a draw-biased club, for around the same price so it's certainly worth testing both out if possible. Does bigger = better in the new SIM2 range? These also feature lighter RCH shaft options as well as a smaller lighter grip. The only problem I really found was when I was hitting into the wind, as the ball did seem to launch quite high and spinny and so it was affected more by the wind than I'd have hoped. The newest Big Bertha to hit the market is the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic, and it hit the market in 2017 and still proves to be a successful driver that people use today. There was also one mishit in there with the B21 which was down at 190 carry and so that probably explained the marginal difference between the two drivers. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Range Review Hot on the heels of the highly-successful release of their MAVRIK line, Callaway have revealed the new Big Bertha B21 range of driver, woods and irons which promise easy launch, added distance and even more tech to help fight the most common of swing faults - … Callaway Big Bertha B21 Review. During the mid-2000s, Callaway Big Bertha golf balls were one of the company's most popular models. Central to all this, in more ways than one, is the Suspended Energy Core, which is a tungsten weight that 'floats' inside a urethane micropshere material. The new, lightweight T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown allows weight to be redistributed elsewhere in the head for improved forgiveness. Well written review – thanks for your time. Extended Apex range now has an iron for every golfer! I caught one which I thought was going to miss right but when I looked up it had gone much straighter than I thought, and as you can see from the dispersion the bias was always falling towards the left of target which was expected but still reassuring. Callaway Big Bertha review. The company started the year by launching the Big Bertha 454 Titanium driver, which has been a success in the marketplace. Now for the bit you all want to know... just how bad is the offset? The Big Bertha B21 hybrid is chock full of design features that will seem familiar if you’re a frequent reader of our Callaway reviews or just an avid Callaway fan. The aim of the Big Bertha 2019 irons is to get the weight low and back to launch the ball higher, combined with a faster face to give you the launch, speed and distance that super game improvement … more info on callaway big bertha irons From Golf.com, September 24, 2014 Big Bertha is the company’s first iron model to incorporate “360-degree face cup” technology. The sound and feel were very good and the Big Bertha hybrid was a joy to hit. In order to find out just how forgiving this driver is, and whether it can finally get rid of your dreaded slice once and for all, I headed to LSH Auto in Stockport to use the Trackman 4 launch monitor. The main objective for Callaway was to cure one of … Lots of beginners that I teach have that kind of budget for a whole bag of clubs, not just the driver! These drivers have that edgy and typical Callaway look as well as carrying the fantastic Big Bertha name. Is the red version or the blue version right for you? The Big Bertha is described by Callaway as “our easiest to launch distance iron”. Callaway Talks: The New Big Bertha B21 Irons and Hybrids Senior VP of R&D Alan Hocknell sits down with Dave Neville to break down the new Big Bertha B21 Irons and Hybrids. The Big Bertha hybrid features a new shorter adjustable OptiFit hosel and comes in a wide range of lofts from a 3H at 18° up to a 8H at 33°. One thing to remember here is that I produce pretty neutral numbers with my driver and I naturally hit a small draw, so this was always going to exaggerate that a little bit. Everyone wanted the Warbird and then later the Great Big Bertha, because the range really seemed to be pioneering new driver technology with every release.

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