It can be used as a mix-up when air ticking with the Short version but its not as efficient because of the difference on the hit and block stuns. Obvious stuff: O.Zangief can not tech throws, does not have the Fierce/Strong hops, Green Hand and Super; O.Zangief's empty jumps have fatter hurtboxes; O.Zangief has some differences in some of his normals: Close Standing Jab is a bit worse (does not has that improved hitbox on the first active frame, the other active frames are a bit worse and has a smaller activation range); Close/Far Standing Strong can be special canceled and do a little more damage; Close/Far Standing Fierce do a little more damage; Crouching Fierce do a little more damage; Close Standing Short have worse priority, but this is meaningless; Far Standing Short can be special canceled; Far Standing Forward has better anti-air priority, but worse ground priority and horizontal range; Close Standing Roundhouse do a little more damage; Far Standing Roundhouse has very poor priority but can be special canceled and do a little more damage; Crouching Roundhouse can be special canceled and do a little more damage, this is nice; Most of his aerial attacks have fatter body hurtboxes, including his splash and headbutts. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Cammy. Very important in cross-up combos or block strings into ticking. On the other way, it will be worse against Vega(Claw)'s Wall Dives. Contents. Zangief does a weak two foot kick which stays active for the entire jump. It's very good against low hitting kicks and some other anti airs if right timed. Animates like his Jumping Jabs and Strongs. Doing it close or far will result in the exactly same move. The speed can be adjusted on the system configuration by the game's operator or, if the "Speed" setting is set to "Free Select", it can be chosen by the player at the start of th… Has a hard time against keep away tactics. It can also be used as a poke just like Standing Jab because it has very similar hitboxes with the plus of the added damage and stun. Zangief throws the opponent down in the direction pressed. The Short version has two main uses: it's perfect as a safe jump attack since it's a weak attack (i.e. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo- New advances are of course Super Combos, as well as the ability to soften Throws. I … Zangief is a Russian bear-wrestler. At the beginning of the round start with a Double Lariat or a crouching Roundhouse , the answer of one of those attacks will determinate how you will fight the rest of the round, of course, trade hits with a SPD its a basic strategy for any incarnation of Zangief in past SF2 revisions, but for Super Turbo Meta Game and if you are fighting a New one, Super Meter damage little gains make your SPD strategy in a loss a lot-loss a few coin toss. Zangief's does a weak knee attack. It's Zangief's main air to air option. It also beats Cammy's Roundhouse Cannon Drills and trades with Dictator's Scissor Kicks. Hard to cross-up and has the best cross-up move in the game, priority wise (Fierce splash). Also, his legs are invulnerable which helps a lot when crossing up opponents as it allows Zangief to do it while being safe from certain special moves (e.g. Strangelly, if a throw is timed on the first landing frame of a jump that crosses over, a throwbox will never come out, even though that input will result in a normal coming out 2 frames later (like it normally would). Does not have a projectile, you have to be on offense all the time or you not gonna win. The landing recovery has a special property which allows it to be "canceled"/skipped depending on what you do. Animates the same as Zangief's other crouching kicks, but with longer recovery. All Details. It is the best Neutral Jumping kick, it has pretty much the same range as Neutral Jumping Fierce and less priority, but it hits lower which allows Zangief to beat some low moves (e.g. It's Zangief's only cross-up move and for that sole reason it's a valuable tool in Zangief's arsenal. STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: HYPER FIGHTING SUPER NINTENDO VERSIONMoveset:PILEDRIVER パイルドライバー = →+MP or ←+MP [Close]Sample: 2:28 ; 8:50\"FACE CLAW\" アイアンクロー IRON CLAW= →+MP or ←+MP [1 Step]*Sample: 12:28*This is hard to do because if you don't have the right distance then you'll produce a PILEDRIVER or a basic MP\"BACK SLAM\" or \"SUPLEX\" ブレーンバスター BRAIN BUSTER= →+HP or ←+HP [Close]Sample: 2:21 ; 5:50\"HEAD BITE\" かみつき KAMITSUKI= →+HP or ←+HP [1 Step]*Sample: 3:09 ; 11:55*This is hard to do because if you don't have the right distance then you'll produce a \"BACK SLAM\" or a basic HP\"ALLEY OOOP\" or \"OVERHEAD TOSS\" レッグスルー LEG THROW= ↓+HP [Close]Sample: 4:47 ; 10:32SHOULDER THROW or DEADLY DRIVER= ↓+MP [Close]Sample: 12:12\"STOMACH PUMP\" or \"ABDOMINAL CLAW\" ストマッククロー STOMACH CLAW= ↓+MP [1 Step] *= ↓+HP [1 Step] *Sample: 4:02 ; 12:32*This is hard to do because if you don't have the right distance then you'll produce a DEADLY DRIVER or a basic low MP or a basic low HP.\"BACK BREAKER\" パワーボム POWER BOMB= →+HK or ←+HK [Close]= →+MK or ←+MK [Close]Sample: 2:25 ; 3:57 ; 6:17 \"LEG DIVE\" ヘッドバット HEADBUTT= ↑+HP [Air+Vertical]= ↑+MP [Air+Vertical]Sample: 4:39\"BODY SPLASH\" or \"BODY PRESS\" フライングボディーアタック FLYING BODY ATTACK= ↓+HP [Air+Diagonal]Sample: 1:43 ; 5:47\"DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE\"= HK [Close]Sample: 2:53\"BOSTON GRAB\" ジャーマンスープレックス GERMAN SUPLEX= →+MK or ←+MK [Close]*Sample: 4:41 ; 5:54 : 8:24 ; 11:21*New move\"SPINNING CLOTHESLINE\" ダブルラリアット DOUBLE LARIAT= LPMP\"MOVING SPINNING CLOTHESLINES\"= LPMP [Holding →] move right*= LPMP [Holding ←] move left**New Move\"TURBO SPINNING CLOTHESLINE\" ハイスピードダブルラリアット HIGH SPEED DOUBLE LARIAT= LKMK or LKMK**New Move\"MOVING TURBO SPINNING CLOTHESLINES\"= LKMK [Holding →] move right= LKMK [Holding ←] move left\"SPINNING PILE DRIVER\" スクリューパイルドライバー SCREW PILEDRIVER= →,→↓,↓,↓←,←,←↑,↑+LP [Close]= →,→↓,↓,↓←,←,←↑,↑+MP [Close]= →,→↓,↓,↓←,←,←↑,↑+HP [Close] Sample: 1:35 ; 3:15 ; 7:47LP — Low PunchMP — Middle Punch HP — High PunchLK — Low KickMK — Middle KickHK — High Kick→ — toward opponent← — backward opponent (standing block if opponent attacks)↑ — Vertical Jumping↑→,↑← — Diagonal Jumping↓ — Crouching↓← — Crouching block (if opponent attacks)+ — combined button in order, — unhold the previous button before push the next button() — Hold the button for 2 seconds before the next action[Close] you must be close to the opponent[Air] you must be in air[tap] you must tap the button[Vertical] vertical jumping[Diagonal] diagonal jumping Does not have any specific use that I can think of. Somewhat outclassed by the Strong version. Zangief performs a high side kick. More explanation here). Street Fighter Fan? In the Japanese version it's often an instant dizzy, but in every other version it got nerfed, so it's not very useful. Super Turbo was the first Street Fightergame, excluding home versions of the previous games, to feature an adjustable "Speed" setting. Zangief's Ending: 0:35: Download: 32. He is built to dominate when close to the opponent and has a variety of throws that demand respect. The active hitbox extends to only one of Zangief's hands, so although the hand with the hitbox beats just about every non-invincible move in its range (Zangief's arm is fully invincible), the chance of that happening is a little less than 50%; as a result, while the Lariat can beat things like Honda's headbutt, it does so only occasionally. This allows O.Zangief to grab the opponent from as far as possible, as long the opponent is on a throw-able state. It is a quite useless move. This glitch is specifically used by Old Zangief, not the Super Turbo version. Good for anticipating jump ins. Dead or Alive 5 Soul Calibur 5 Soul Calibur 6 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Virtua Fighter 5 FS Tiers > SF2T > Zangief Zangief's Street Fighter 2 Turbo tier match ups Zangief uses powerful close up attacks and his famous Spinning Piledriver. During the opponents wake up it is a killer: you can mix between tick into SPD or linked sweep to give your opponent extra trouble when trying to reverse. A powerful straight punch with very long recovery. This may be the hardest move to land in the game on purpose. Semi-circular middle kick. Gief put "360 throws" on the map, in terms of how the move is performed on a … Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting Zangief Moves এর Maximus Devoss সম্পর্কে পড়ুন Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting Zangief Moves সংগ্রহ, অনুরূপ, একই, সমতুল্য Kendall Schaffe এবং তারপরে Herday Cc0 Photos. ''Fight!'' Just think, blocked HHS -> Reversal Suplex, madness. I asked Kuni if he could win. Balrog - 5.4 Worst Match. One time in Tokyo, I saw that champion Zangief player Kuni was next up to play and his opponent was Dhalsim (very hard match!). Detailed Input: (→ [7~14f] ↓ [7~14f] ← [7~14f] ↑ [12/9/7/4f] Short/Forward/Roundhouse/any K if you are at a jumpable state and the last direction was ↑. Very strong in close range. from a little farther. an aerial move linked into a single light attack). Zangief does, I don't know, something to the opponent's face for multiple hits. Probably the move I miss the most in O.Zangief. For a normal throw this does great damage, and it would be awesome for any other character, but again, if you're going to Grab, a SPD would be the right choice. Zangief does a fast two foot aerial kick which has awesome range. It can also be used in footsies once in a while to lure the opponent into punishing a Crouching Roundhouse, since it animates the same but recovers a lot faster. Note that Zangief inflicts very low dizzy stun with this move so limit the use for when you actually needs its particular "anti-anti-air" priorities. O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. n/a Rating. 3DO Amiga Amiga CD32 PC Game Boy Advance PlayStation 3 Xbox 360. This is vital and totally compromises O.Zangief in that match-up; This page was last edited on 6 January 2021, at 13:33. Old Zangief is one of the worst Old Characters in the game, he lacks of his Bashing Flat attack and can be defeated easily with projectile spam characters, but you gain some better hitbox and damage at normals. It's also worth to mention that this move can also be used as an instant overhead, but the timing is much more strict than the other kicks and it's also impossible to perform against a considerable amount of characters so it's not really practical. If done after a tick and out of opponents throw range, the opponent can only escape by doing a reversal-timed instantly-invincible attack, like a dragon punch, or a move that puts the character in the air instantly, like Blanka's rolling attack. Always going for the SPD from max range can get predictable, so this is one of the possible mix-ups one can do. With O.Zangief this move is only good for shenanigans: whiff it into SPD after the opponent wakes up from a knockdown. For some reason O.Zangief does more damage with these moves. There are some funny uses for this move: against N.Ryu, if he is about to die and you know he is reversal happy, you can just jump and do it late and it will trade with his Reversal Shoryuken for the win. O.Zangief can special cancel some normals that N.Zangief can not, but that's it. It is, however, very important when facing Boxer, because it is Zangief's only reliable way to deal with his Low Rushes. This is a command throw with excellent range that does good damage; this is Zangief's most important move. If you hit the opponent close enough, it's a good idea to do a SPD exactly when Zangief lands, for massive damage. Much like facing a grappler in real life, getting knocked down even once can lead to a KO victory for Zangief. The only reason most people consider using O.Zangief is so you don't have to worry about an accidental hop or green hand. Also, you can use it as an instant overhead against some characters, but Zangief has better options for that. Zangief does a weak two foot kick which stays active a lot less time than the Neutral Jumping version. Fast crouching side kick with poor priority. Train yourself to punish badly wiffed specials (think non-jab SRKs and the like) with this to get that instant dizzy. It is too fast to be used as a tick into Suplex, it can be used as a tick into SPD but you have better options for that. Also, it's his Diagonal Jumping move with the longest range. Has a hard time against keep away tactics. Zangief's sweep kick. One of Zangief's most important normals as it is Zangief's best standing tick. The first direction and the side you spin is not fixed. Zangief is the archetypal grappler character. Introduction. Weaknesses. I recommend to mix it up with Diagonal Jumping Short when going for Super just to make them think that you're going to tick into SPD or whatever. Zangief has one of the slowest prejumps on the game. You can also cancel a Running Bear Grab out of it, which will usually connect but doesn't do much damage. Zangief Street Fighter 2 Turbo moves Overview. Boxer, Dhalsim, O.Fei Long, Sagat, T.Hawk and another Zangief are the characters which are vulnerable to this move even when they are crouching. Crouching version of the Fierce grab. As stated above, you should be using the Fierce version on most cases, bu there are a few exceptions. This happens to be a very damaging Jab, it even does the strong sound when it hits. It can hit twice from close range and it is the most damaging normal Zangief have, but it has long start-up and recovery. Use the st.HK/flipkick to kick him out of the air. Also, this move has no recovery frames which allows it to be used as a safe tick/meaty. In the WORLD version of the arcade ST there is a bug in O.Zangief’s Roundhouse Suplex, if done as reversal: will grab the opponent from any range if he is throwable, even from full screen away. Kenny Omega was inspired by this guy. All in all it's a little buff/nerf for O.Zangief in these matchups, but it's basically the same really; Kick version does not have the improved foot hurtbox which lets N.Zangief beat some supers and pass through low Tiger shots. One time in Tokyo, I saw that champion Zangief player Kuni was next up to play and his opponent was Dhalsim (very hard match!). This move has no recovery frames which allows it to be used as a safe tick/meaty. In most cases you should avoid this move though, the exaggerated recovery kills any viable use. Has the second worst match-up in the whole game, against E.Honda, and many hard ones (O.Sagat, N/O.Guile, N/O.Chun Li, Dhalsim, Fei Long). The second hit has a decent anti-air priority but the situations where you can use it like that are limited and the use is often shadowed by Close Standing Jab (i.e. Better damage and priority than Crouching Short, but longer recovery. That in my opinion makes the O.Zangief vs O.Sagat tied with the Zangief vs O.Boxer matchup as the worsts matchups in the whole game, it is 1 - 9 or even 0.5 - 9.5, if you don't abuse O.Zangief's Reversal Suplex bug. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/O. allows you to tick Dhalsim from a more comfortable range). Anyway, being able to block on the first landing frame can help a little bit on some safe jump crossup setups, or maybe in other situations as well if your character has a huge jump arc. This sometimes comes out when you want a crouching strong poke, and that's fine because the grab does more damage. Note that N.Zangief received a buff on the hurtboxes of the airborne part of the jump. This makes jumping over fireballs more difficult than it is for other characters, but also makes the SPD execution more lenient than T.Hawk's Typhoon. That said, because of the SPD his Normal Throws go mostly unused. There's a little trick that most Zangief players don't know about which makes this move a little more efficient: a kara canceled Running Bear Grab will force the opponent to enter into blocking animation, this means that they will not be able to avoid it by just walking back, forcing them to actually have proper reactions and counter it with something. As the prototypical grappler, Zangief has the most Normal Throws in the game and even a couple of the best in his Strong and Roundhouse grabs. Since his debut in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991, Zangief has been portrayed with a beard and a mohawk, along with a uniquely-shaped formation of chest hair on his torso and on his shins. From Shoryuken Wiki < Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Want to be an editor? Subscribe =D Jump to: navigation, search. Zangief's most commonly-used Normal Throw. O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. Stick to N.Zangief; only use O.Zangief for casual play, or if you want to troll someone with his Roundhouse Suplex bug. This move has only one use as far as I know: since it has a little more horizontal range than Diagonal Jumping Short, it will be able to set up ticks into SPD Balrog. Zangief does a sort of headbutt thing. Another two foot aerial kick but with a little more damage, stun, priority and range. Zangief does an aerial long punch. That also ends up affecting all aerial normals as well as Close Standing Short, since that specific hurtbox is shared internally on all these animations. Zangief is the original pro-wrestler / powerhouse of Street Fighter. It is too slow to be used in combos, the only practical normal to link into is the Far Standing Jab, but it's not too good because it whiffs against the majority of the cast if they're crouching. It can be linked from a Standing Strong for dizzy combos. Also, O.Zangief can special cancel this move but this is of no help. Best Match. Zangief is an interesting character in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (ST) in that he is considered bottom tier, yet he is scary enough that he can win. More explanation here). Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. It excels at it because it has good range and you don't need to care if it hits or if it's blocked: the timing for the SPD when landing will be the same because aerial light attacks do equal stun on hit or block. Animates like the Short version, it even has the same priority and frame data, but with more damage and stun potential of course. What is so great about this grab is that you do it while crouching, which can save your ass from a lot of different mixups with ease. It also whiffs on most characters if they are crouching. I say this because when folks know that Zangief is going for Super they try to counter throw, and they tend to be successful at it because Zangief's Super has a mediocre throw range. Because of this O.Zangief is often considered a banned character when playing with that particular version of the game. Perhaps, if someone mastered this, it could make Zangief vs E.Honda a fair match or something. This was and Exhibition match that took place on 1/14/2019 to promote an anime. Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Cheats Arcade Games . You just need to input the 4 main directions in order. This is Zangief's Neutral Jumping move with the best priority air to air. This means Zangief connects with a short combo + 360 + meaty (and maybe more! Since Zangief has no projectile or long range attacks, he must get close to do damage. Zangief does a double knee attack in the air. Also, on a few matchups, when you already have the opponent cornered, a Jab/Strong SPD may be used instead because landing too close to the corner may result in the opponent getting knocked down in a strange way that may not allow you to follow up with anything (they get up faster), specially if the tick string leaves Zangief too close to the opponent(e.g. Shoto's Shoryukens) when he is landing on the opposite side. The Light version has the longest range, but does the least damage. Also, O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. It's Zangief's main air ticking move. It's a very good move for anticipating the opponent's jump-ins. Always use the Roundhouse version because it has better throw range, damage potential and releases the opponent sligthly closer to his corner, while having meaningless downsides (smaller input window; built in OS with Rh Running Bear Grab, that has a slower startup than the other Running Bear Grabs). Zangief runs a certain distance, and if he gets close enough, he grabs the opponent. Also, O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. This move is very important in tick mix-ups, together with Far Standing Short: both can be used to punish the enemy for standing up, which is often necessary for inputting invulnerable reversal moves. O.Zangief has the interesting ability to Special Cancel this move, which will be a gimick at best. Its damage is a little nerfed for a Fierce move but the priority compensates it. On the other hand, this move has better potential for moving the opponent to his own corner, specially the Rh version. Spinning Piledriver. He single-handedly made the spinning piledriver a legendary pro wrestling move. If that's your case, keep in mind that you shouldn't piano all 3 P buttons to increase your reversal chances, because a Lariat may come out by accident. On the WORLD version of the arcade game, this move has a very nasty bug: if the Rh version is performed as a Reversal, it will have a full screen sized throwbox. Sets up a cross-up Chest Splash when unteched. This only really work with Roundhouse because it has a unique hurtbox during the first recovery part: Zangief's leg hurtbox is a lot smaller compared to his other aerial kicks. (This is a bug, though, so you should not take this seriously). While it's a bad move for trading because of the premature projected hurtbox during startup, it's good for shenanigans: whiff it on purpose and do SPD exactly when Zangief lands. Throws are an exception and can be performed on the first landing frame(not the first ground throwable frame) and this includes command throws too, but since the hitbox-hurtbox interaction have priority over the throwbox-throw vulnerabillity box interaction, this can't be used as a counter to well timed anti air sweeps. If you are right up close, you can go for this instead of a SPD, for more guaranteed damage. If you're feeling brave, try to use it against Dhalsim at max range to hit his limbs. Super Street Fighter II Turbo is a fighting game released for the arcades by Capcom in Japan on February 23, 1994, in North America on February 23 and March 26, 1994 (beta) and in Europe in March 1994 (beta). OK for tick throwing if you ever find yourself in the range and with enough momentum. Most normals have poor priority. He has a relatively large number of seriously unfavorable match-ups (3-7 or worse), and no seriously favorable ones, according to the latest Arcadia Magazine diagram. It has Special Cancel properties just like the former so you can cancel into Lariat or Running Bear Grab. Zangief attempts to grab the opponent and after that remains stuck on an animation so that he can not block or move. can't go directly to the prejump animation), to have a move to startup instantly (normal and special moves) or to block (which is why sweeps can be used as anti airs in this game), but you can do all that on the second landing frame. Avoid this move. Daigo Umehara takes on Itabashi Zangief! Crouching spear hand strike. Strangely, O.Zangief has the ability to Special Cancel this move. The better horizontal priority helps against T.Hawk to counter his dives during the 7 first frames easier. The range on SPD is amazing; it allows you to tick anyone outside of their throw range, and allows some cool walk-up grabs. The tools you lose by picking O.Gief (worse normals/kick lariat, loss of throw tech, green hand mobility and super) is absolutely not worth it. midscreen), doing a SPD instead will allow Zangief to get much more closer to the waking up opponent (around 30px closer) than if he did a Suplex. From Shoryuken Wiki < Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. It can also be used for safe jumps and as an instant overhead. All versions have the same range, but gradual running distances. O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. Zangief is a massive fighter, weighing 400 lbs and standing slightly over 7 feet tall, placing him among as one the tallest characters in the entire Street Fighter roster. This is a list of all the moves for all nineteen characters in the Street Fighter II series, including their Super Combos added in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It's possible to cross under some characters if you got then trapped in the corner. He enters to represent Russia in the tournament. Zangief loves to jump in during the opponent recovery of a whiff normal (and during Claw slides). You can also use it to beat E.Honda's Headbutt, but keep in mind that you have to land on top of E.Honda or it will be beaten, cleanly. The attack range increases with each spin. To select O.Zangief, choose Zangief and then press ← → → → Jab/Fierce, pressing Short simultaneously with the punch button for the alternate color. From The Super Nintendo Version Of Street Fighter II Turbo. Something worth mentioning is that the Roundhouse version is Zangief's best command grab to use on a crossup before turning (the throwbox extends after the pushbox's back by some pixels). Blanka's Fierce Slide). O.Zangief's version has less range and doesn't hit as low, so it's not very useful. Super Street Fighter II: Turbo - Zangief Move List - YouTube You can't rely on that kind of tactics though, since a experienced player can just delay his move a bit, which will then hit Zangief cleanly, for big damage. It works like this: after you grab them, do a Green Hand, cross-up Splash, and now you can mixup with 0~2 Crouching Jabs and then Throw again. It also can be used as a trade anti air. The second part has no specific use because it leaves O.Zangief at frame disadvantage so limit the usage of this move as an anti air only. Yet another two foot kick. Zangief does a knife hand strike from above his head until towards. At the first landing frame, it's not possible to jump again (i.e. 5 3. It's Zangief's best ground move to tick into Super. Yet another knife hand strike in the air. you don't have to care about hit and block stun differences) that stays active for the whole jump and as a tick into Super. It can also beat Sagat's Tiger Uppercut if timed to hit right after the invulnerable part. Zangief can be doubled flipkicked easily. O.Zangief does a little more random damage with this move. 1.1 Competitive Overview; ... Zangief wants to get in close so he can start doing command throws -- but Cammy's a lot more subtle. Zangief sits on the opponent's head, opponent always stays in front of Zangief. Weird butterfly kick that hits twice. Also, Jab has a more lenient window for the P input, which as a consequence allows for more grabable frames during the whiff animation. Another difference is that the Jab version has a whiff animation that doesnt last as long as Fierce, although it does not vary all that much: if the opponent manages to get a reversal out or if you do it incorrectly, you'll get hit either way. Doing it close or far will result in the exact same move. This move can also be used in footsies as a whiff to force the opponent to get stuck in the block animation, allowing you to attempt a walk in SPD. O.Zangief's version is not as good as N.Zangief's, since it has worse hitboxes as well as activation range, but it can still be considered a good anti air. O.Zangief's version has mediocre priority so it can't really be used as a anti air like N.Zangief does.

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