The Nephite armies, under Moroni and Teancum, defeat the Lamanites and drive them from the land of Zarahemla. Those further away "labor exceedingly all that night" to be at the place where Christ will appear. 13–15), 88. Aaron visits Lamoni's father, who is troubled by the words of Ammon regarding repentance and salvation. AD 345: Nephites retreat to the land of Jashon, but are driven forth again northward to the land of Shem. (, King Benjamin dies. (Mosiah 2–5), 34. (Mosiah 19), 42. 4), 90. Ammon is called before the king. Mormon abridged much of the Nephite records. 6:15–41), 85. This chronology outlines the major events in the history of the Book of Mormon, according to the text. Book of Mormon Chronology. (BOOK OF ETHER) JAREDITES. Zeniff and his followers begin to build buildings and till the ground. The Nephites armies, reduced by the rebellion, are unable to defend their cities. Shiblon, son of Alma, takes charge of the records. (Mosiah 17; Mosiah 18), 39. 12–27), 95. (1 Ne. There are "wars between the Nephites and the Lamanites" (, Jarom, son of Enos, writes on the small plates. Pahoran, son of Nephihah is appointed chief judge. Nephi's brothers and the sons of Ishmael "make themselves merry", "with much rudeness". Noah sentences Abinadi to death (for blasphemy) unless he recalls his words. The converted Lamanites call themselves the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. The more wicked part of the Nephites have been destroyed. Jesus Christ appeared to the Nephite. 8), 16. Second Visitors Center Planned for Temple Square, After One Flood—Another of Faith, Hope, and Good Hard Work, “Book of Mormon Chronology Chart,” Ensign, Sept. 1976, 56–57, Department of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsCopyright 1974 ©, 1. Christ tells them the church must be called in His name. The Nephites want Nephi to be their king, but Nephi is "desirous that they should have no king". Mormon bids farewell to the once great nation. Ammon becomes Lamoni's servant and miraculously preserves the king's flocks. Noah rules in wickedness, taking many wives and concubines. Moroni, chief captain of the Nephites, asks Alma to inquire of the Lord how to direct his armies. Laman and Lemuel bind Nephi. (Mosiah 29:44), 51. Tower of Babel—Jaredites language not confounded. The Book of Mormon is supposed to be the account of people who came from the Middle-East to the Americas. There is a great division over the signs of Christ's birth. Moroni marches to Zarahemla, raising assistance en route. Alma, son of Alma, and the four sons of Mosiah are numbered among the unbelievers. Amalickiah again leads the Lamanites to war against the Nephites. The Lamanite army discovers the land of Amulon. 39 BC: Helaman dies. (1 Ne. The people become wicked. 1:2]; signs given that the Son of God is born and the "more part of the people did believe and were converted unto the Lord" (3 Ne. Mosiah forbids persecution of the church by unbelievers. Victorious, the army returns "rejoicing in their spoil" (. 2:1–4), 11. Hagoth built ships and sailed forth. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Nephi guides the ship "towards the promised land". 8; Ether 1:1, 2; Moro. Ammoron, brother of Amalickiah, is appointed king of the Lamanites. Zeniff leads a second expedition to the land of Nephi. The people of Alma miraculously escape and join the Nephites in Zarahemla (. They pitch their tents and call the place Shazer. An army of Lamanites pursue the people of Limhi but become lost after two days. The Bible The Bible was originally written languages of the people composing it. (3 Ne. 1:19-22); the third and last method of reckoning time among the Book of Mormon peoples begins with the coming of Christ (3 Ne. Chronology of Mormon History. 6:7–9), 84. Laman, king of the Lamanites, appoints Amulon and his brethren to instruct his people. Zeniff instructs the women, children, the old and infirm to hide in the wilderness. The Nephites hunt out the remnants of the robber band. Textual studies of Book of Mormon chronology. AD 30: Lachoneus, son of Lachoneus, becomes chief judge. Nephi and his brothers obtained the brass plates of Laban. Dates given correspond to dates in the footnotes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) edition of the Book of Mormon. Recurring names are cited numerically and coincide with the Book of … (, There is a "serious war and much bloodshed" (, King Benjamin repulses the attack of the Lamanites and drives them from the land of Zarahemla. The Nephites and Lamanites enjoy peace and free trade among their peoples. AD 201: Some begin to be lifted up in pride in "costly apparel...and of the fine things of the world" (. "In The Story of the Book of Mormon, 473-487.Salt Lake City: Joseph Hyrum Parry , 1888. (Mosiah 23; Mosiah 24), 45. Limhi sends a group to search for the land of Zarahemla. Nephi persuades them to continue and they rejoin Lehi and Sariah. (Hel. (Alma 45:15–19), 68. An angel appears and tells them to return to Jerusalem. Tower of Babel—Jaredites language not confounded. 1:1–12), 80. Religious freedom is granted to all Lamanites. The Book of Mormon links all three systems in several passages that are apparently consistent. (Ether 15:13–32), 8. The possible conclusion of where Zelph may fit into the historicity of the Book of Mormon is either, Zelph may have died in 322 AD before Mormon became the Nephite leader or, Zelph may have died in 327 AD in Mormon’s first battle against the Lamanites in the City of Angola before the Nephites went even farther north and east toward Cumorah. (Mosiah 7; Mosiah 22), 44. The people of Zeniff return to their lands. AD 200: All but a few of the second generation have died. Gadianton's band increases in numbers. Era of peace following Christ’s ministry. AD 31-33: Nephi ministers to the people and performs miracles, but few are converted. Price New from Used from Map, January 1, 2005 "Please retry" — $29.95 — Map The brothers go the land of their inheritance and gather their gold, silver and precious things. Samuel cannot be harmed by arrows or stones, nor can he be taken. The city of Gid is retaken. (Mosiah 19:19, 20), 41. Alma is "taken up by the Spirit,...even as Moses" (. Lamanites were driven from Nephite lands; peace was established. Pahoran requests Moroni's aid in defeating the dissenters. An army of Lamanites, following the abortive attack on the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, attack and destroy the city of Ammonihah. King Benjamin’s address. AD 211: There are many churches in the land, some of which deny Christ and persecute believers. This chronology outlines the major events in the history of the Book of Mormon, according to the text. (Alma 63:5–8), 79. The Nephites recover from the famine and enjoy peace for a short time. 1:20), 98. Alma the Younger gave up the judgement seat to Nephihah. 16:18–32), 20. AD 350: The Nephites make a treaty with the Lamanites and the Gadianton Robbers, giving the Nephites the, No battles fought between the Nephites and the Lamanites. Christ speaks of the last days and of the gathering of Israel. (Alma 46:11–37), 70. Laman's son, now king of the Lamanites, stirs the Lamanites up to anger against Zeniff and his people. The Lamanites attack the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, but desist when the Anti-Nephi-Lehies refuse to defend themselves. Why is the Book of Mormon the “most correct book”? Laman seeks the brass plates from Laban. Nephi gives up the judgement-seat to Cezoram. He directs the people to pray and speaks to them in words that cannot be written (. 28), 97. Aaron is rejected by the people of Jerusalem. The Lamanites take possession of many cities. (3 Ne. Ammoron negotiates with Moroni for the exchange of prisoners, but they are unable to come to terms. He predicts signs of Christ's birth and death. He ascends into heaven. This group left the Tower of Babel and arrived in the Americas about 2200 b.c. Giddianhi is slain. Nephi, son of Helaman II, was given great power. Mosiah addresses his people and rehearses the story of the people of Zeniff and their eventual deliverance. Wickedness increases among the Nephites and the Lamanites. Nephihah dies. Jaredites Mulekites Lamanites Nephites. They have "all things common among them" (. Many of the attackers are converted. The sons of Mosiah refuse to succeed their father as king. The Gadianton robbers increase in strength and threaten to destroy the Nephites. He chronicled the last days of the Nephite nation and was one of the last of the Nephites to die. Many prophets are among the Nephites, who need constant reminders to remain faithful. Those who remain are forced to pay tribute to the Lamanites. The Zoramites cast out the converts who join with the Ammonites in Jershon. Mormon deposited all the plates except the plates of Mormon, which he gave to his son Moroni. The people of Zeniff toil and spin and prosper. 1), 96. Most of the Nephite record pertains to three historical periods: the time of Lehi and his sons (c. 600-500 B.C. The people of Zeniff make weapons of war and set guards around their lands. An angel commands Nephi to slay Laban and puts on his armor. (Omni 1:12–19), 31. Kishkumen attempts to murder Helaman but is slain by Helaman's servant. 53 BC: Shiblon dies. There is a "tremendous battle" (. Book of Mormon Chronology . AD 18: The Gadianton robbers take possession of the abandoned Nephite lands, but cannot subsist without plundering the Nephites. Helaman, son of Helaman takes charge of the records. Click here 2020 Pagent Update Ready to get Started? The people of Morianton contend with the people of Lehi over possession of land. He announces the fulfillment of the law of Moses. ( Ether 2:1–18) 3. The Lamanites come to war but are unable to overcome Moroni's defenses. Mulekites left Jerusalem. 16 BC: The people, about to perish from famine, cease fighting. (Mosiah 25:15–21; Alma 4:18), 47. (3 Ne. Moroni wandered alone and abridged the Jaredite history.(Morm. Noah orders his priests to take Abinadi away and slay him, but he is protected by divine power and continues to teach them the commandments and redemption through Christ. The people of Alma prosper in the land of Helam. The Book of Mormon Jaredite King List gives only 7 exact dates (lifespans and reigns) for the Jaredite Chronology. 81 BC: Alma and Amulek are miraculously delivered from prison and their persecutors are slain. Many cities, including Zarahemla, are rebuilt. Lamanites were more righteous than Nephites and sent missionaries among Nephites. Gadianton became the leader of Kishkumen’s band. They arrive at the land Bountiful, near a sea they call Irreantum. They then go to battle, resulting in the annihilation of the Nephite nation, with 230,000 Nephite casualties, or 10,000 each led by 23 captains. (Mosiah 28:1–9), 49. Visual Overview of the Flow of Events in the Book of Mormon. 19), 23. King Noah objects and is killed by fire. Lachoneus and Gidgiddoni defeated the Gadianton robbers. The Nephite prisoners escape. All but the priests of Noah return. The Zoramites become Lamanites. The prophet Ether warned King Coriantumr and the Jaredites. (Alma 46:1–10), 69. (Mosiah 21:25–27), 43. 12:1), 94. Welch gave the annual Book of Mormon lecture entitled "Hours Never to Be Forgotten" for the Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies at the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni Center. (Alma 63:3; Hel. Death of Mosiah II and Alma the Elder. Destruction of the Jaredites. to A.D. 400. Pahoran is appointed chief judge by the voice of the people. Lehi and his family leave Jerusalem and travel in the wilderness near the Red Sea. They offer to buy the brass plates and are driven out by Laban, who keeps their treasure. Christ appears in their midst and ministers unto them. King Benjamin reigned in Zarahemla. A new star appears. He tells the Nephites that they are the "other sheep" that he spoke of to the Jews. (Morm. Aaron teaches and converts the king and all his household. . 4:35, 38), 14. Zeezrom was converted. It is a variant of a Book of Mormon Chonology Chart, circa ~1980. The Book of Mormon has no claim to validity due to its lack of incorporation into the Biblical cannon. Ammon withstands the old king and persuades him to allow Lamoni to rule unhindered. (Jacob 1), 29. AD 17: The Nephites gather in the lands of Zarahemla and Bountiful. (1 Ne. (Alma 43; Alma 44), 67. (Alma 8–10; Alma 12; Alma 13), 56. c. A.D. 1 - Nephi2 passes the records on to his son Nephi3 (3 Ne. Alma the Younger and Amulek preached to Ammonihahites. It Begins with a Family: Some Major Teachings in the First Half of the Book of Mormon, A South Dakota Swede and the Book of Mormon, Alma 32 Changed My Disposition—and My Life, They Came from Jerusalem: Some Old World Perspectives on the Book of Mormon, In Search of Lehi’s Trail—Part 1: The Preparation. Alma organizes the "church of Christ" (, King Noah discovers "a movement among the people" (, Alma and his followers, about 450 souls, take their families and depart into the wilderness. (Alma 51:33, 34; Alma 52:3), 73. By Randall P. Spackman . Book Of Mormon. Nephi's brothers complain that they can't understand the words of their father. (Omni 1:27–30; Mosiah 9:1–9), 33. Signs given of Christ’s death. The records of the Nephites provide highly accurate dates, however, when necessary, probable estimations have been made. Lehi’s vision of the destruction of Jerusalem. After many days they arrive at the promised land. Nephites divided into tribes. He recites the prophecies of Isaiah and Malachi. 3; 1 Ne. The Book of Mormon Timeline 6 ft. Wall Chart Map – January 1, 2005 by Hill Bros. (Author) 4.7 out of 5 stars 43 ratings. Lehi’s family departed from Jerusalem. Zoram, Laban’s servant, joined Lehi’s family. Jaredites traveled to great sea, and barges were built. After three days they arrive in the valley of Lemuel. 51 BC: A Lamanite army, led by Coriantumr, takes possession of the city of Zarahemla and slays Pacumeni. ), 9. Zeezrom contends with Alma but is silenced, fearing he has sinned. He incites the Lamanites to war with the Nephites. 29 BC: The Lamanites become more righteous than the Nephites. He instructs them in the correct manner of baptism. Disappearance of Alma the Younger. (Ether 8:7–19), 6. Kishkumen founds a secret combination and murders Pahoran on the judgement-seat. 2 | December 31, 2020; 1379: Belief After the CES Letter – Polygamy, Racism, LGBTQ Issues, and Prophets – Jim Bennett Pt. Thousands of Lamanites were converted through the efforts of Nephi and Lehi. Lamanites take the city of Desolation. Amalickiah, desiring to be king, persuades many Nephites to dissent. (Alma 17; Alma 18; Alma 19), 60. Brother of Jared saw the premortal Christ. Amlici sought to become king over the Nephites. (Alma 62:12–52), 77. He invites the multitude to examine the wounds in His hands and feet and side. 6:7–15), 102. Helaman, Gid and Teancum defeat the Lamanites, defending the city of Cumeni and retaking the city of Manti. The sons of Mosiah: Ammon, Aaron, Omner and Himni, preach among the Lamanites. The title of liberty rallied freedom-loving Nephites. Mosiah I led the righteous Nephites from Nephi to Zarahemla. 10; Hel. He began guiding this Book of Mormon Chronology Tour in 2018. The next day, the twelve disciples divide the multitude into twelve groups and rehearse to them the words of Christ. He is brought before the king, Lamoni. The Lamanites "increase in riches" and become "a cunning and wise people, as to the wisdom of the world" (. This chronology outlines the major events in the history of the Book of Mormon, according to the text. They invite them to pray for the Holy Ghost and all are baptized by the twelve disciples. Noah builds many buildings, including "a spacious palace" (, Noah plants vineyards and builds wine presses and becomes a "wine-bibber" (. Limhi, son of Noah, becomes tributary monarch. Signs given of the Savior’s birth. The Lamanites attack. AD 322: Mormon is carried into the land southward to the land of, AD 326: Mormon is visited by the Lord at the age of fifteen, "and taste[s] and [knows] of the goodness of Jesus" (. Nephi also has a vision of the tree of life, and foresees many future events. (Alma 4:11–20), 55. Moroni prepares for war by fortifying the Nephite cities. Zeniff left Zarahemla and established a Nephite colony in the land of Nephi. Tower of Babel 2500-2200B.C. (Ether 6:1–12), 5. Death of King Noah by fire. One of Noah's priests, Alma, believes Abinadi and asks that Abinadi "might depart in peace" (. (Hel. (1 Ne. Helaman I and the stripling warriors helped the Nephites. It covers a period of about 600 B.C. 18-17 BC: The destruction continues, despite increasing difficulties from famine. Nephi, son of Helaman II, prophesied the murder of the chief judge. Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael want to slay Lehi and Nephi. AD 245: The wicked are "exceedingly more numerous" (. The Nephites "had already had wars and contentions with our brethren". Gadianton becomes the leader of Kishkumen's band. (Moro. Nephi chastens them and they repent. (, An expedition seeks to return to the land of Nephi, "desirous to possess the land of their inheritance" (. The people are heavily taxed to support the lavish lifestyle of Noah and his cohorts. AD 100: All the disciples, save "the three who should tarry" (, "Surely there could not be a happier people among all the people who had been created by the hand of God" (. He is executed, but his followers persecute those in the church. Judges are to be appointed by the people and higher judges may overrule lower judges. Around 2500 - 2200 BC. They vow never to take up arms again. The chief judge may be overruled by a council of lesser judges. In all, Christ teaches the people for three days. Reunion of Alma the Younger and the four sons of Mosiah. (Alma 17:1–4), 59. Alma the Younger led a mission among the Zoramites. Nephi, Zoram, Sam and their families, Jacob, Joseph, Nephi's sisters and "all who would go with [him]", journey in the wilderness "for the space of many days". Nephi makes swords for his people "lest by any means the people who were now called Lamanites should come upon us and destroy us". (Hel. The Zoramites begin to mingle with the Lamanites and prepare to go to war against the Nephites. The timeline has a few flaws. Noah’s son Limhi became king over the Nephites in bondage. (Hel. Nephi and his followers pitch their tents and call the place Nephi. Korihor recants, in writing, and is later trampled to death by the Zoramites, an apostate group. They leave Zarahemla to carry the message of the gospel to the Lamanites. Alma's people are persecuted and afflicted. Lamoni is converted and Ammon establishes a church in Ishmael. The secular history is kept on metal plates. The Lamanites attack the land of Shilom and are driven out after a fierce battle. (Mosiah 19), 40. 83 BC: Alma selects Nephihah to replace him as chief judge, but retains the office of high priest in order to combat the pride and dissension in the church. The sons of Lehi and Zoram take the daughters of Ishmael to wife. He replaces the priests of his father with his own priests. Teancum steals into the Lamanite camp and slays Ammoron, but is slain in turn. Jerusalem Ether Brother of JaredCoriantumr. The people are taught and baptized by the twelve disciples. The Lamanites come upon small numbers of the people of Noah and slay them. 82 BC: Alma preaches in Ammonihah but is rejected. Moroni recorded his farewell and deposited the plates of Mormon in the Hill Cumorah. 7–9), 86. The Nephites build up and support the robbers and their secret combinations. Alma heals Zeezrom. The building of a ship at Bountiful. Nephi preaches that the people must repent or perish. (3 Ne. A few people revolted and became Lamanites. Mosiah II became king of Zarahemla. 597 B.C. AD 327-28: Mormon becomes head of the Nephite armies and leads them in battle against the Lamanites. (, The Nephites begin "to grow hard in their hearts, and indulge themselves somewhat in wicked practices." The Anti-Nephi-Lehies are received by the Nephites and given the land of Jershon. (Alma 2:1–31), 54. It tells of the Jaredites, people from the Tower of Babel who came to Central America but perished because of their own immorality. The stone gives an account of Coriantumr and his people. Prophets of the Lord threaten the Nephites that if they do not keep the commandments, "they should be destroyed" (. The people divide into tribes, "every man according to his kindred and friends" (. Ammaron gave Mormon charge of the plates. Moroni erects a fortified line of cities between the Nephites and the Lamanites. The Nephites try to "restore the Lamanites unto the true faith in God" (. Mormon, for whom the Book of Mormon was named, was a prophet and a military leader for much of his life. Alma the Elder was converted—baptized at the Waters of Mormon. Samuel the Lamanite warned the Nephites. The disciples of Jesus perform many "great and marvelous works" (. The, Jarom laments that "much should be done among this people" (, The Nephites prosper, though the Lamanites are more numerous and come "many times against us, the Nephites, to battle" (. The king-men refuse to assist in defending the Nephites. Nephi builds a temple. Table of Contents. Lehi and his family, Ishmael's family and Zoram embark for the promised land. City is not destroyed. Jesus taught his gospel and organized his church. Jaredites journeyed to the promised land. Helaman and his brethren go forth to regulate the church. 1:35–42), 99. Alma and Amulek are imprisoned. Three disciples are given power to remain on the earth until Christ's second coming. Book of Mormon BINGO Scripture Mastery B I N G O ! He ministers to the children and heals the sick. Laban says he will slay Laman, who flees. The. The fugitive priests of King Noah kidnap several Lamanite women. AD 110: All the first generation from Christ have died. They meet Lamoni's father, king of all the Lamanites. Some forget (or dismiss) the signs that were given. (Alma 16:1–12), 58. Ishmael’s family joined Lehi. The people vote and Amlici is unsuccessful. His brother Ammaron takes charge of the records. The Nephites build buildings. He baptizes them in the waters of Mormon. They travel eight days and settle in a land they call Helam (. ( Ether 3:6–16) 4. Final battle between the Nephites and Lamanites at Cumorah. Captain Moroni prepared the Nephites to defend their freedom (Alma 48–50), 71. Many Lamanite prisoners join the people of Ammon. 38 BC: There are "many dissensions in the church, and...contention among the people" (, 35-33 BC: The Lamanites come against the Nephites. An army of Nephites, led by Teancum, overtakes them and defeats them in battle. AD 364-66: Lamanites attack the city of Teancum, but are driven back. All the people of Zarahemla are called Nephites. The people were divided into Nephites and Lamanites. 1:6–15), 10. (Ether 2:1–18), 3. 2), 81. Nephi consecrates Jacob and Joseph as priests. The signs indicating Christ's birth, foretold by Samuel and other prophets, begin to be fulfilled. They take possession of all "the land southward" (. Zoram leads the Nephite army to victory over the Lamanites. The people prosper, but more especially those who belong to the church. Try exploring some of the other projects in Book of Mormon Central's ecosystem, dedicated to the thoughtful study of God's word. The Lamanites, mistakenly blaming the people of Limhi, attack but withdraw when they see their error. Nephi, son of Nephi, is given charge of the records. Coriantumr—last Jaredite survivor discovered by Mulekites. Contentions arise, but Alma regulates the church. 1), 89. AD 306: Amos dies. 600 B.C.500 400 300 200175 150 12510075 50 25B.C.0A.D.100 200 300 400 A.D. People of Zarahemla Laman Lemuel 2500-2200 Jaredites Mosiah I Benjamin Mosiah II Alma the Younger Captain Moroni Helaman, son of Alma Nephi, son of Helaman III Jesus Christ Mormon Moroni Samuel disciple the Lamanite Jesus born in Bethlehem 600 Nephites… Nephi, son of Helaman, departs. The four sons of Mosiah left on a mission to the Lamanites. ( Ether 1:33–37) 2. (4 Ne. AD 21: Zemnarihah, the new leader of the robbers, lays siege to the Nephite fortifications, but the siege is more damaging to the robbers than to the Nephites. (1 Ne. 57 BC: Helaman dies. The unconverted Lamanites prepare to make war against the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Omni declares there have been "many seasons of peace" and "many seasons of serious war and bloodshed" (. Book of Mormon Bombs Away! (Ether 15:32. Jacob and Joseph, "born in the wilderness", are first mentioned. The Lamanites attack but are driven back by the army of Moronihah. 1:1), 103. His book titled, “Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland” is the #1 LDS Book about Book of Mormon geography with over 40,000 printed. Moroni, Lehi and Teancum pursue the Lamanite armies. After three days, Abinadi is brought before the king and priests again. Professor John W. Welch of Brigham Young University, delivered a powerful address on Wednesday, November 8 on the timing of the translation of the Book of Mormon. Nephi made two sets of plates. Noah and his priest have Abinadi brought before them for questioning. Ammon and Lamoni journey to Middoni to free the prisoners. Jacob is slain. They bring back a record on twenty-four plates but they are unable to read it. 30 BC: The Nephites "abandon their desire to obtain the remainder of their lands" (. They fail to persuade a majority. The people take Abinadi, bind him and bring him before the king. A Source Book for Book of Mormon Chronology: Source Book Introduction Division 1 Divisions 2-4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 10 Title Page. Sometime between AD 375 and 380: Mormon resumes command of the Nephite armies. Storms arise, their compass ceases to work and they are "driven back upon the waters for the space of three days." Nephi prays for rain and the Lord grants Nephi's petition. 4), 13. Many more Lamanites are converted and join the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Alma the Elder and his followers were put in bondage at Helam. Death of Nephi. Moroni and Pahoran defeat the king-men in Zarahemla and slay Pachus, their leader. AD 362: Nephites beat the Lamanites in battle and begin to boast in their own strength and "swear before the heavens that they would avenge themselves of the blood of their brethren who had been slain by their enemies" (. Anti-Nephi-Lehies were given the land of Jershon. He miraculously announces the murder of Seezoram, the chief judge. Brother of Jared saw the premortal Christ. (Hel. The priests of King Noah, with the Lamanite women, settle in a land they name after their leader. He and others are imprisoned until he miraculously names the murderer. (Alma 1:1–15), 53. Gidgiddoni, leader of the Nephite armies, knowing their weakness, attacks the robbers and defeats them. A date is given where, unless the signs are all fulfilled, the believers will be put to death. The dissenters are once again compelled to defend their country or be put to death. Ammon and Lamoni encountered Lamoni’s father. (Ether 12:1–5; Ether 13:1–22), 7. (Hel. (Mosiah 11:1–15), 37. They are encircled with fire and angels minister to them. It took Smith less than 3 months to “translate” the writings and publish it into a 588 volume. The king-men hold the city of Zarahemla and are in league with the Lamanites. 16:9–16), 18. Pacumeni is appointed chief judge. Outnumbered, the Amalickiahites seek to flee and join with the Lamanites, but Moroni heads them off, although Amalickiah and a few followers escape. Zeniff sends spies to the land of Shemlon to discover the preparations of the Lamanites. (Alma 51), 72. Zemnarihah is hanged. Captain Moroni defeated the rebellious king-men. Abinadi refuses and suffers death by fire. He counsels his sons, Helaman, Shiblon and Corianton. (Mosiah 28:20; Mosiah 29:42–44), 50. Captain Moroni and Pahoran corresponded. (Hel. Between 600 and 592 BC, In the wilderness, Between 588 and 570 BC, the land of their first inheritance, Between 588 and 570 BC, the land of Nephi, Between 559 and 545 BC, the land of Nephi, Between 544 and 421 BC, the land of Nephi, Between 420 and 400 BC, the land of Nephi, Between 399 and 361 BC, the land of Nephi, Between 279 and 130 BC, the land of Nephi, Probably about 160 BC, land of Lehi-Nephi, Between 145 and 122 BC, land of Lehi-Nephi, Between 90 and 81 BC, among the Lamanites, Between 83 and 81 BC, Zarahemla and environs, Between 81 and 77 BC, among the Lamanites, Between 29 and 24 BC, the lands of Mulek and Lehi, Between AD 21 and 33, throughout the land, At the commencement of AD 34, throughout the land, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,, Articles needing cleanup from November 2016, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from November 2016, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from November 2016, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Orihah's rule ("exceeding many days," 31 children), Corihor prepares to rebel, fathers children who help, Corihor rules, with father captive, until latter is very old, Thereafter Shule begets children in his old age, Omer regains the throne. City of Ammonihah was destroyed by a Lamanite army. Pioneering Phase (3100-2920 B.C.) Helaman, Shiblon, Corianton and Ammon preach among the people. Dates given correspond to dates in the footnotes of the LDS edition of the Book of Mormon, found online here. Jacob succeed Nephi as prophet. 10), Would you respond to the theories that the Book of Mormon is based on the Spaulding manuscript or on Ethan Smith’s. Ammon goes to the land of Ishmael and is taken captive. The Ammonites remove to the land of Melek so that the armies of the Nephites can occupy the land of Jershon. They find "beasts in the forest", "all manner of wild animals" and "ore, both of gold, and of silver, and of copper".

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