One of the reasons why I support President Duterte is because he is the only President in the recent years to commit and spend P3 trillion for infrastructures in the next six years.

We have a growing population, now stands at 105 million; and 30,000 new vehicles are added to our streets every month- that’s around one million vehicles in the next three years.

Congratulations to DOTr Sec. Tugade for really pushing for our railway projects, particularly the PNR-North, PNR- South, Mindanao railways system, and this time, what used to be like a dream is becoming a reality now- the Metro Manila Subway System.

I know we really need this because this will stimulate economic growth. We will never realize full economic growth for the Philippines if we do not invest in infrastructure.

For me, railway is the only way. I’m glad that the President has the political will to really push for this. He has the political will to bite the bullet kahit medyo maghihirap muna tayo, konting trapik, pero dapat nating gawin.

The only way we can spread out development to the countryside and, at the same time, decongest Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao, is through infrastructure development and transport modernization. 


I think the Philippines is 30 years behind in terms of infrastructure development. We have a lot of catching up to do. And the DOTR has been moving and I would like to commend Sec. Tugade and it’s a pleasure to have defended the budget of DOTr in recent years.

I will always support the “Build, Build, Build” program of the Duterte administration. This is the only way for us to achieve full economic growth.

We will be able to spread the development and we can create growth development areas in all provinces. 

Kung gusto natin ng tunay na hanapbuhay, if we want genuine exclusive growth, we really have to invest in infrastructure and transport modernization. ###