I hope the most recent wrinkle in PH-Kuwaiti relations will not affect the amnesty extension for our OFWs there.

I have said before that while the “rescue mission” may have violated diplomatic protocols, they were done to save the lives and protect the welfare of Filipinos abroad which, after all, is the ultimate goal of our foreign policy.

I agree that we should look into the rescue mission including the events that transpired after. The end goal of the inquiry should be to strengthen our diplomatic missions abroad in terms of protecting our OFWs and ensuring that our government officers have the proper orientation on diplomatic protocols.

But it is my belief that this incident is simply a manifestation of a larger issue—Can the Philippine government and the government of countries that host our OFWs provide adequate protection for Filipinos abroad? We value our friendship with other nations but this has to be balanced with our ultimate goal—protect the well-being of Filipinos overseas.