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SAN Juan City Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada urged the Philippine National Police (PNP) to intensify its campaign against loose firearms to curb gun violence. Ejercito Estrada made the statement amid renewed calls for tougher gun control laws following the death of 23 people in separate incidents barely a few days into 2013. A seven-year-old girl from Caloocan died after she was hit by a stray bullet in the head while watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve. A shooting rampage in Kawit, Cavite left nine people dead on Jan. 4. A few days after, 13 people were killed in a shootout in Quezon province. The young lawmaker expressed apprehension that incidents of gun violence may increase if the PNP will not be able to immediately track down and apprehend the owners of some 500,000 illegal firearms. “The PNP must be able to account for these loose firearms especially since the Philippines is already in the thick of preparations for the May elections,” he said. Violent incidents tend to go up as election day nears. Ejercito Estrada said the government particularly the PNP must be able to assure Filipinos that it is capable of safeguarding their lives as well as the sanctity of the ballot. He challenged PNP Director General Alan Purisima to prove that President Benigno Aquino III made the right decision in appointing him as national police chief and...

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SAN Juan Representative JV Ejercito Estrada urged the government to immediately put an end to the kidnappings in Mindanao especially of foreign nationals as these hinder the growth of the region’s tourism sector. The young lawmaker noted that kidnapping incidents in southern Philippines prevent foreign and domestic tourists from exploring the wondrous travel destinations in the region. “Safety remains as the top concern for tourists who are on the lookout for travel destinations. The government must assure tourists that they are safe in our country,” Ejercito Estrada said. He cited the case of Australian Warren Rodwell who was kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf group in 2011 and remains in captivity. Canberra issued an advisory discouraging Australians from traveling to Mindanao following the release of a two-minute “proof-of-life” video of Rodwell on Dec. 16. “Travel bans to the Philippines tend to undermine the efforts of the government to promote the country as a tourist destination,” the solon said. Rodwell is just one of the foreign nationals who were abducted allegedly by the Abu Sayyaf in recent years. The terrorist group usually demands a ransom for the release of their captives. In the case of Rodwell, the Abu Sayyaf asked for $2 million in exchange for the Australian’s freedom. “While I approve of the government’s stance against negotiating with terrorists, these kidnappings must not be left unresolved,” Ejercito Estrada said. “We...

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JV bats for development of local Halal Industry

San Juan Representative JV Ejercito Estrada urged the government to fast-track the development of a roadmap which will outline strategies that will spur the growth of the local halal industry. The Philippine government is still in the process of drafting a “road map” which will outline measures to develop the local halal industry and allow exporters to comply with international standards for halal products such as food and medicines. Ejercito Estrada noted that Mindanao is strategically located and can easily export halal products to neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia where there are large Muslim populations. Establishing a local halal industry will also provide livelihood opportunities to those affected by typhoon Pablo in Mindanao, the young lawmaker said. “There are plenty of opportunities for locally-produced halal products particularly since the demand for these have been increasing both in the domestic and global fronts,” the solon said. The global halal market is currently estimated at $2.3 trillion and continues to rise due to the annual increase in Muslim population. “Halal” is an Arabic word which means any object or action that is permissible to use or engage in accordance to Islamic law.   ###  ...

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Now defending the budget of the Department of Transportation and its attached agencies and corporations.

This proposed budget will invest in the various transportation projects on our road, aviation, maritime and rail sectors so that we will be able to increase access to remote regions, provide efficient intermodal logistics solutions and ensure seamless intermodal passenger transport.
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