JVE’s Priorities


Senator JV’s current term revolves around four main priorities, specifically:


Youth and Education: Tool for Progress in the New Millennium
Thrust: Investing in the youth through education.

The Filipino youth is one of our best human capitals. A family with one graduate has a better chance of a brighter future and quality of life.



Transportation: Journey to Progress
Thrust: Linking people and progress

One of the identified causes of traffic congestion, especially in mega cities and highly urbanized areas, is the huge volume of vehicles.


Energy: Sustainable and Affordable for the economy and households
Thrust: Making affordable and sustainable energy available to all

A policy shall be proposed in order to maintain energy cost, especially electricity, at affordable lever. The government shall be asked to come up with a program that will adequately subsidize low income earner families for their electric bills.


LABOR SECTOR: Workers productivity promotes quality of life
Thrust: Protecting and promoting workers’ rights and welfare

It shall be ensured that the security of tenure of workers will be institutionalized and the “endo (end of contract)” practice of business establishments, which ends the job contract of their employees every 5th month, will be stopped. “Endo” skirts the law mandating employers to regularize their workers after six months of employment, which would entitle them to benefits as provided by law.


Farmers and fishermen: The toil that brings abundance
Thrust: Giving back to the farmers and fishermen the fruits of their labor.

The farmers and fishermen shall be protected through a law against smugglers of agricultural products. Stiff penalties shall be put in place against these economic saboteurs.

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