JV’s Priorities


Senator JV’s current term revolves around four main priorities, specifically:


EDUCATION: Kalidad na Edukasyong Makabago at Akma sa Kumpetensiya ng Bagong Siglo

Thrust: Education for 21ST Century Jobs

Action: Attune Educational Program to Job Market priorities & provide measures that will boost Skill Set of Filipinos

Job Creation

JOBS: Trabaho para sa Ginhawa ng Pamilya at Komunidad

Thrust: Job Generation to boost Family & Community

Action: Strengthen and/or augment legislation that encourage investors and industrial growth, especially in sectors that are fitted to Filipino skills and aptitude

Workers’ Protection

WORKER’S PROTECTION: Tamang Batas para sa Pag-alaga sa Karapatan at Kaginhawaan ng Manggagawa

Thrust: Labor Laws that Protect Rights & Encourage Productivity

Action: Review laws and strengthen implementing regulations to ensure workers’ rights are safeguarded


MINDANAO: Prioridad at Pondo para sa Mindanao

Thrust: Priority Program and Funds for Full-Scale Mindanao Development

Action: Legislate proper resource allocation for Mindanao according to potential gains and development goals

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